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It’s all a joke when it comes to Trump


Some, well most, of his actions are exactly that funny but it’s not hard to laugh at President Trump. Saturday Night Live certainly loves to poke fun at the American President and did just that earlier this month.

Alec Baldwin has won many plaudits for his incredible portrayal of Trump including an Emmy nomination. This time around he was joined by Darrel Hammond as former President Bill Clinton.

A kind of Impeachment twins performance considering both have gone down that route but for very different reasons. At least Trump has done well economically and not brought anyone to their knees.

With Clinton, it was just a case of mocking his womanizing, with Trump there’s far more ammunition. There’s his incredible hairstyle for example which often defies belief.

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

When making fun of Trump, this is a standing joke, no wonder journalists love reporting on Trump when it’s a windy day, anything could happen!

Trump even appeared in WWE in a match where his famous hair was on the line. Instead, it was WWE boss Mr McMahon who had his hair shaved off, but could you imagine a bald Trump? Now that would have caused a million jokes, and would he have grown it back the same way??

Making jokes about President Trump isn’t just reserved to comedians, even his fellow politicians are up to it. A recent royal reception at Buckingham Palace saw Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau making comments about Trump to Boris Johnson (another source of unlimited jokes).

Trump has been in the spotlight for many years now. For years he has been a successful (and sometimes not so successful) businessman and a casino owner. He first started opening casinos in Atlantic City in the 1980s including Trump’s Castle Hotel and Casino.

His love for casinos and gambling is well know, and it seems that games developers are also keen to use his high profile and love for gambling and have even made their own Trump it Delux slots game. This light hearted slot game may not be a firm favourite of the president but there are some really cool graphics and images featured on it.

Never one to make a surprise entrance, Trump used to arrive at Atlantic City in his near 300-foot yacht. The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort opened in 1990 and proved to be a total joke as it filed for bankruptcy a year later. Such was the financial disaster, Trump had to sell that yacht and they still made him President years later.

There has been criticism of the continual flow of jokes about Trump. Some feel that the jokes are far too cruel (they must have seen his golf swing) and lack punch lines. A Seth Meyers Netflix comedy even allowed viewers to skip the Trump jokes. How can you not tell jokes about a man who sometimes tweets more times than a teenager?

The jokes are going to continue and not just about the President. His wife, Melania is the target for many comedians. If it’s not her dress sense, the jokes are about whether her husband wants to deport her as part of his immigration policy.

The jokes are going to continue, possibly until Armageddon which might not be too far away the way Trump is going. With 2020 seeing impeachment and an election, the jokes will be a relief from an insulting campaign.

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