“Dad of the year” creates ultimate play bed for his car-mad daughter – made from a real Mini Cooper


A TALENTED dad has created the ultimate play bed for his car fanatic daughter – made from a real Mini Cooper.

The £4,000 bed retains the Mini’s steering wheel, electric windows, lights, doors and bonnet.

But Aaron Merriman fitted the interior with a bed, television, stereo system, games console, spot lights, and even a toy box under the bonnet.

Nova, four, gets to sleep inside the Mini every night in her bedroom at home in Rochester, Greater Manchester.

And Aaron’s creation has proved so successful he has decided to turn it in to a business.

Nova was delighted with the results

The 25-year-old joiner and carpenter has even taken his first order, worth £4800, from a customer “down south”.

Aaron made Nova the bed in six weeks and then shared the results to social media, writing: “I had a wacky idea a while back. Unsurprisingly literally everyone I’d told this idea too, all deemed it impossible or just doubted my strange project.

“I wanted a bed that was functional as a cinema, a toy, a place to sleep, storage, a night light, a den, a thing a child will forever remember. So I thought, some kids have a car bed. Then I thought  but what is the use of a car bed if you can’t pretend it’s a real car?”

He added: “I can honestly say it’s made my little girl a very happy girl.

“Soon to be making a second one for a client down south. With a bit of luck people like this project and spread the word for me.”

Aaron rewired the car to power a surround sound system, television, electric windows and other devices.

The bed took six weeks to complete

The headlights have been replaced to spotlight LEDs that can be controlled by a remote control.

The steering wheel still works, providing Nova with yet more hours of fun.

Steve Whitt wrote under Aaron’s post: “That is f****** ace. Definitely a candidate for dad of the year.”

Susan Smith added: “That is amazing, I would love one for me lol.”

Chris John Robert Hughes wrote re-naming the Mini a Bini: “Not at all mate it’s a f****** Bini, best thing for it.”

John Borlandsadi: “ That is sick as f***. Well done mate.”

Speaking today, Aaron, said: “Two years  ago I was thinking about making wacky bespoke beds. What could I do that was out of the ordinary? It was always a dream of mine to make beds that were like reality.

“When I was young we played racing games and would make a car out of cardboard boxes around our steering wheels.”

He added: “Nova was obsessed with cars as I have a love for them. I used to own a red Mini and she wanted one.

“I wouldn’t have done it without her. She gave me the motive to do it. The first thing she told people wasn’t her name but was, ‘I have a Mini’.”

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