Aldi apologises after baffling blunder sees use by date printed directly on to surface of customer’s houmous


HILARIOUS photos show how a bungling Aldi supplier managed to print the “use by” date directly on to the surface of a customer’s houmous.

The mind-boggling snaps show the date and other food safety information clearly legible on the rippled surface of the spread.

Hannah Rose Abbey shared the pictures online after her husband bought the 69p tub at their local store.

Hannah, 26, wrote: “Christopher just got home from Aldi (Salisbury branch) and has found the houmous has no lid.

“They’ve just printed the best before date directly onto the houmous and I am crying with laughter.”

Hannah was perplexed by the incident

The mum of two also shared the pictures on Aldi’s Facebook page, saying: “Hi Aldi. Did you run out of houmous tub lids?

“I’m all for reducing my plastic waste but this really does take the biscuit! Purchased today (14/01/2020) from your Salisbury branch!”

Christopher, 41, didn’t spot the blunder until he returned home.

Pictures show the pot of houmous with the item’s best before date stamped in ink directly onto the surface.

Also visible is the advice to keep refrigerated for up to two days after opening and the time “15:01”.

Charlotte Gale wrote: “That’s bloody hilarious.”

Samantha May Wong added: “I’m all for reduction of packaging. But maybe a step too far.”

Aldi have offered her a refund

And Caroline Denise said: “That’s so funny but I don’t like looking at it – makes my flesh crawl.”

Speaking today, Hannah said: “There was confusion at first I think! Also frustration that we had got the houmous for my youngest son’s lunchbox, and it was unusable of course.

“Aldi have said if we take back the receipt and plastic sleeve then they will give us a refund or replacement.

“I wasn’t anticipating much more than that to be honest. I hope that they will just look into their quality control as there is clearly a failing here!”

Aldi have since apologised to Hannah for the blunder.

An Aldi spokeswoman said: “We have apologised to Ms. Abbey as our usual high standards were not met on this occasion.

“We have asked that she return the product to her nearest store for a full refund and we have raised this issue with our supplier.”

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