Council investigates bin lorry driver accused of branding a motorist “P*** b******” during driving dispute


A BIN lorry driver is under investigation following allegations he called a motorist a “P*** b******”.

Mazi Ali claims he was the target of vile racist abuse after a minor driving dispute on an Edinburgh road.

Mazi took several pictures of the Edinburgh Council bin lorry driver and posted them to social media.

He alleged: “Just been called a P*** b****** by this clown.

“I don’t usually post silly wee things like this but the alarming thing about this one is he works for the council.”

The images show the driver and a colleague sitting inside the cab of a van which is clearly branded with Edinburgh City Council logos.

The pictures of the worker were then shared on Twitter by angered local Talha Tariq, he posted the images of the driver and captioned his post: “This is what racist fat council workers looks like.

“Get him dealt with we don’t want people like this in our city where we get called p****, we pay their wages”.

He tagged Edinburgh City Council in the post and they replied saying: “Just to make you aware I am going to pass this over to one of the supervisors to investigate.”

Social media users have also expressed their disgust at the comments the worker allegedly directed at Mazi.

Jason Salim said: “Call his employer and get him sacked.”

Doll Ruadh commented: “You should complain. He’ll be warned, at least.”

Umar Hanif posted: “Get straight on the phone and get the idiot reported.”

Speaking today Mazi said: “I would not have bothered to post this on social media but I felt he should be named and shamed given his employment with Edinburgh Council.

“I was trying to turn my car in my street when this chap proceeded to block me in.

“I honked and he came out from his truck to my car window and started going of on one. Anyway words were exchanged, nothing racial at this stage.

“He then called me a “P*** b******” with a big grin on his face as if he had just got a checkmate in a game of chess and walked back to his truck.

“I then took a picture of his registration number and a few of his face. He wasn’t bothered one bit and almost posed for the camera as if he is untouchable.”

Environment convener Councillor Lesley Macinnes said: “It goes without saying that we’re taking this allegation extremely seriously.

“A full investigation is already under way, in line with our procedures. There is absolutely no place in our society for hate speech.”

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