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Online Slot Progressive Jackpots Going Through the Roof


For almost a decade now, Microgaming and Netent have been dueling for recognition as the online casino software developer that could lay claim to having developed the progressive video slot game that holds the Guinness World Records record for the online slot that produced the largest single spin progressive jackpot payout.

After a little back and forth since 2015, Microgaming was finally able to secure the record, something that occurred in late 2018 when an online gambler in the UK lined up the Mega Moolah bonus wheels to claim €18,915,872.81, over $20 million USD. Just prior to that hit, Netent’s Mega Fortune progressive video slot held the record.

As the industry stood by and watched progressive jackpot slots raising the bar every year, it became increasingly clear online casino players had interest in playing online casino games that could offer huge returns. They are just looking for the chance to stake their claim. Huge returns seem to be making things like welcome bonuses at Rufus casino or any other site less relevant. 

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According to recent reports, relatively new online casino software developer Hacksaw Gaming has decided this is the time to take on the industry’s top software developers and challenge the world’s most prolific online casino games for world dominance. 

Of course, it’s not realistic to think Hacksaw Gaming could ever go head-to-head with industry giants like Microgaming, Netent or even Yggdrasil Gaming. However, a recent announcement by Hacksaw CEO Marcus Cordes makes clear a new progressive jackpot slot giant might be on the horizon. 

This past week, Hacksaw Gaming officials announced the company would be launching a series of online progressive slot games with each one offering a mega progressive jackpot for the taking. The announcement went on to mention the first such game to be released under this new concept is called ‘My Lucky Number’.  

In an effort to lay down the gauntlet before the industry’s other software developers, Cordes stated: “We are about to bring real competition in the market when it comes to the jackpots which are available today. With our new concept, operators can rely on having huge, exciting jackpots on offer without having to wait for the progressive jackpot to build up. It also enables smaller operators to offer the same huge prizes as the Tier 1s, levelling the playing field”.   

The announcement was far from over. Hacksaw gaming also expects to continue releasing online progressive slots from the series throughout the remainder of 2020. The largest progressive jackpot game is expected to carry a max bonus of €50M while some of the smaller entries will still be offering progressive jackpots of €5m to €10m. Check out this site for more UK slots information. 

Online gamblers should expect this to be a trend that will continue into the foreseeable future. With the overall online gambling industry growing at record levels throughout the world, the competition for gamblers figures to be intense. If a software developer and its loyal online casino operators want to remain relevant, they have to be willing to give gamblers exactly what they want. What they want is to open up their favourite mobile app and get an opportunity to win life changing money.


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