Shocking moment food delivery drivers batter each other with helmets in row over “fake GPS”


DRAMATIC footage shows the moment rival delivery drivers scrap outside a takeaway after multiple riders showed up to collect food.

The fight, which took place in the early hours of 27 January, saw drivers use their safety helmets to batter each other outside a Subway near Paddington train station, London.

The dispute reportedly began after several drivers showed up for the same order, having used “fake GPS” to falsify their locations and bump up their position in the queue to receive jobs.

As the clip begins, a man dressed in black is seen restraining a driver who has a helmet in his hand.

As soon as he releases him, the driver approaches another delivery worker and begins to square up to him.

The driver with the helmet throws a punch but is held back by the man in black.

As he drags the driver away, another delivery man wearing a white helmet manages to land a punch.

Chaos then ensues as the man attempting to calm the situation is bashed from behind with a motorbike helmet.

Two drivers then began battering each other with their helmets.

One driver swings the hard hat violently before kicking and punching his adversary.

As they fight, they bump into two other scrapping drivers, sending one sprawling into a road sign.

One driver attempted to restrain another

The mass brawl advances down the street and an item of clothing is seen flying into the air.

At one point, one of the drivers picks up what seems to be a metal chair and begins bashing his opponents with it.

As the clip ends, the men continue to hit and kick each other off down the road.

The shocking scene was shared to an Uber Eats and Deliveroo Facebook group where it sparked condemnation from social media users.

One man wrote: “Stupid people doing stupid things.”

Another added: Stupid people, violence never solved anything.”

One woman said: “Sod that! They can have the order, leave me alone.”

And one man commented: “And all over a £3.68 order to Union Grove.*sigh*”.

The driver filming, who did not wish to be identified, confirmed in the comments that “fake GPS” was to blame for the disagreement.

Fake GPS is a huge problem in the driver community

Speaking yesterday, he said: “They fight for orders. Some bikers use more than one account.

“They use fake GPS location to take more orders and companies always work to cut down the fees per drop.”

GPS “spoofing” allows riders to fake their location and begin queuing for jobs without actually being anywhere near the vicinity.

Riders for companies such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo might even use multiple devices to fake a variety of locations to maximise the number of jobs they receive.

In 2017, it was reported that Uber were attempting to crack down on the number of people spoofing their locations by sending warnings to those caught using false GPS co-ordinates.

Metropolitan Police confirmed yesterday that they had received no report about the incident.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said: “We can’t see anything to suggest we were called.”

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