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“Petar Solo Ads”-All for you to know


For a new start-up running the first few years are quite tough. For a new start-up always the audience is the major target as they are only the one that is going to boost up the business.

If want to target a very large number of audience that can possibly show interest in your company, you should think about something very best that can help you in a better way. Nowadays the businesses instead of target the audience individually openly is taking the help of mailing services.

They are taking the help of the right source that provides them a huge and valuable email list. The one about which we are indicating you here is “Petar solo ads”.

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About solo ads-

Anyone that is fully affiliated into the marketing might have heard ofPetar solo ads. If one hasn’t heard about it, then not need to worry here you will know all about that.

Solo ads are the email-based advertisements that one can purchase from the other email list owners. They typically are sent as the dedicated emails and the entire message is all about the promotion of your business, services, and brand.

People will get your email about the offer that you are offering them. If they really liked what they have read, they will click. And the minute a person clicks, that is the solo ad click. Then a person who clicks will be navigated to your sales page…so on…

Those are sent to compress the page so you can make an email list. Some of the solo ads sellers will send unswervingly to the sales page.

But not scores of as it isn’t suggested as always ideal is to capture the leads on own list and up sell those in a proper mailing sequence or can personally connect with those.

Solo ads are primarily used in business opportunities, work from home, make money online offers, personal development, etc. And it is because the solo ads to the highest degree are scalable PPC traffic sources.

It is differing from Google Adwords or Facebook ads. The thing with the solo ad is that there are neither restrictions nor a red tape.

In fact, we can say that solo ads like “Petar solo ads” is the double-edged sword that can be the best thing had ever happened to one’s online business. But if one is not at all careful he can easily lose many dollars on counterfeit clicks.

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Few solo ads terms to know-

The solo ad industry is using several terms that you should know and here are few these are widely used. Let us have a look at those-

CLICK- Click in the solo ad sector is a click when one hits a link and is sent to the landing page of yours

FUNNEL CLICK- The clicks that are coming from the sales funnel or from the thank you page are termed as a funnel click

UNIQUE CLICK- It is the single visit from the same individual and if the same individual hit a link for more time is counted 1 unique click

CLICK BROKER- A click broker is buying click from various sellers and again sell those to the buyers. Mostly the click broker is dealing in the huge click orders

SWIPE- It is also called a swipe file and it is the email that you send on the email list to the subscriber. Occasionally a solo ad seller would ask for the swipe file you would like him to mail

EPC- It is actually earning per click and is the amount that is made per click that is sent to the landing page of yours. If in case you have received about 100 hits and have made $60, the EPC of yours is going to be 60 cents

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CPC- CPC or cost per click is the amount that you paid for every click sent on the landing page of yours whether took or not any action

OVER DELIVERY- It is total clicks send over the bought amount and some time is shown as a percentage

TIER-1- It is the click that is coming from various places like New Zealand, U.S., Great Britain, Australia, and Canada. These all countries are preferred for receiving the clicks from since they generally make the better sales

CLICK ROTATOR- It used for sending the clicks to the list of links and is set for sending the clicks to the link in several fashions. Mostly the rotators permit one to set the rules on what the click to send and to which link.

Benefits of buying “Petar solo ads”-

In the globe where we are bombed with information daily and in all possible ways, it is difficult to be the business that can stand out.

The services such as “Petar solo ads” can be good-natured and can also be important to the success of your business. Few benefits to know-

It is straightforward- You will not be spending time in thinking of a new blog post or interesting popup. Herewith “Petar solo ads” your brainstorming ends with writing the mail and paying to the service provider.

It is effective- The email that your future subscriber get will not get into the spam. The people that are interested will get the mail from the vendor of yours. Thus it makes mail to be more likely to be getting opened up and thus one can head into your website.

It is comprehensive- If you just have begun up with creating the mailing list, you may find it quite tough to reach to a huge number of audiences. If the service providers have built up the huge mailing list then it will be very good for you.

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Why “Petar solo ads”?

“Petar solo ads” has become the best option for most for buying solo ads and it is easier to join it and when you pay you will get the best services that you are hoping for.


Summing up with saying that “Petar solo ads” are the best way to increase the traffic in a better way. Just get those along with all benefits.

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