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Finding the balance – 5 top tips for working parents


Being a parent should be classed a job in its own right, it requires constant attention, hard-work and dedication.

However, with mouths to feed, many parents must also hold down a full-time job role, which is no easy feat.

So for those of you juggling the demands of parenthood and working, here are five top tips to help you find some balance.

  1. Speak to your manager

If you’re struggling to balance the demands of parenthood and working, it’s worth speaking to your manager and making them aware of your struggles. A good manager will be understanding and accommodate your needs the best they can.

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You could also discuss options such as reducing or flexing your working hours. In fact, it’s actually your statutory right to ask about flexible working after 26 weeks in employment.

  1. Prepare the night before

Nothing sets you up for a bad day at work like a manic morning getting yourself and your children ready for the day ahead. It’s therefore a good idea to prepare as much as you can the night before.

Examples of things you can do the night before are laying out clothes for yourself and your children, and preparing packed lunches and ingredients for evening meals.

With these jobs done, your mornings should be less stressful,and you’ll be able to begin your working day with a positive mindset and be more productive.

  1. Plan meals ahead

Cooking is quite possibly the last thing you want to do after a long day at the office. However, it’s important that you and your children enjoy regular healthy and nutritious meals.

One way you can get around this is by doing some batch cooking at the weekend, where you prepare various meals for the week ahead and freeze them. You can get your children to help too, so it doubles up as quality time together. For inspiration, take a look at these quick and easy family meal recipes on BBC Good Food.

  1. Hire a tutor

When you’re working a demanding job, it can be difficult to find the time to sit down to help your child with their schoolwork, let alone get clued up on the ever-changing National Curriculum.

Hiring a tutor is therefore a good idea, because it ensures that your child has regular access to a subject expert who can help them to succeed.

One of the best tutoring agencies for working parents is Teachers To Your Home due to its flexibility – tutoring sessions can run sessions during the week, weekend or evening.

  1. Set boundaries

Setting clear boundaries between your family and work life helps ensure that the two don’t collide and that they both get the attention they require.

There are various ways you can go about this, for example, not brining work home on a regular basis or checking your work emails at home. At work, avoid contacting your family unless essential, so you can remain focused on your tasks.

The life of a working parent is never easy, however, if you follow these five fantastic tips, you’ll benefit from a much-improved work-life balance.

What are yourtoptips for a work-life balance? Let us know in the comments section?

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