Hilarious images show how blundering council painted contradictory speed limits right next to each other


LOCALS in a Cornwall village have been left baffled after bungling council workers managed to paint contradictory speed limits onto their road.

Hilarious images show how dozy workers painted a new 40mph speed limit in the village of Daw’s House – somehow missing the sign right next door advertising the limit as a 30 zone.

The photo shows the freshly painted 40mph markings less than a metre from the a sign welcoming motorists to the hamlet, advising them: “Please drive carefully.”

The limit on the sign clearly reads 30mph, a full ten miles faster than the markings on the road.

The amusing mistake was hastily rectified by the council on Wednesday, who sent workers this morning to scrub out their previous work.

The hilarious blunder was spotted by local Steve Baker, who shared the images on Facebook with the caption:“On the day we have been told to stay in our houses, unless you have a very good reason for going out.

“Cormac sends out gangs of people, renewing the road lines. All a bit confusing. What’s the speed limit through Daws House? Really, how did they do this without realising?

“One for our parish council to sort out. Might take a while. Be safe.”

Following Steve’s post other images emerged showing council employees fixing their mistake.

Shocked residents could not believe what happened and were left in stitches.

Andrea Foster wrote under Steve’s post: “I fed the ewes and lambs this morning (Tues) early across from this sign. They were there taking it back off. I laughed so hard yesterday when I saw it .

“There were three guys there waiting in a Cormac truck for the road painter to come I would imagine. Guess where they were parked, right in front of the 30 mph sign. Honest you can’t make it up.”

Tammy Penney added: “I think maybe some people are too stressed and worried and are lacking concentration.”

Christine Hall said: “I thought this was a joke? But omg.”

Sandra Rundle wrote: “Are they really this stupid?”

Kate Belsey commented: “Can’t organise road maintenance around Cornwall.I reckon that’s what Cormac stands for. Oh my, amazing.”

Cormac council have confirmed they are investigating how the blunder happened.

A spokeswoman for Cormac Council said: “Unfortunately the road markings at Daws House have been incorrectly installed. Incidents like this are rare and is something we take extremely seriously.

“Investigations are being undertaken to understand how this happened.

“As soon at the Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed, a 30mph roundel will be reinstated on site and we will continue to work with the community to review the position regarding speeding concerns.”

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