Dramatic video shows moment man narrowly avoid breaking his spine after falling from a tree


DRAMATIC footage shows the moment a man narrowly avoids breaking his spine after falling from a ladder while cutting trees.

Paul Johnston from Huyton, Liverpool went to hospital for his injuries but escaped with just cuts to his face after the 6ft fall last Wednesday.

In the clip, Paul can be seen balanced precariously in a tree as he trims the branches.

He attempts to shimmy round, clutching a pair of shears and using a ladder for support.

A woman’s voice can be heard commenting: “That doesn’t look stable” as he begins hacking at the tree.

As he attempts to reach a branch above his head, he suddenly loses his footing and is sent hurtling to the ground.

A woman screams as he falls, smashing his head on the ground and flopping onto his back as the video ends.

Photo taken after the event shows Paul’s bloodied face, covered in scratches.

The heart-stopping moment was uploaded to social media by Paul’s friend, Dale.

He shared the clip with the caption: “Only came round to cut the trees down.”

Paul escaped with minor injuries

Despite the potentially life-threatening nature of the fall, the video has had the internet in stitches.

@ashtonkinsey11wrote under Dale’s post: “Bloody brilliant.”

@Dylan_Williams8 added: ·Holy f***” followed by three laughing emojis.

However, some were concerned by the serious fall.

@WmMcKenzie3 said: “Christ! Hope the poor sod wasn’t badly hurt. Hell!”

@elpablob19 commented: “F****** hell heavy fall.”

Speaking today, Dale said: “We thought he had snapped his spine.

“He couldn’t move but he snapped his nose and cut all his head.

“Paul got out of hospital last night. He’s now recovering at home.”

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