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5 Ways to Create Your Perfect Home Office


Even with more businesses now choosing to have their teams working remotely to limit office rental costs – not to mention the current global health emergency changing the way people work – it’s possible that you might never have anticipated having to create an office in your home.

A home office should be a space that’s functional and motivates you. While it’s easy to work from your kitchen table, you’re likely to be side-tracked by a whole host of disruptions, which may result in you feeling disengaged and stressed.

This guide provides some useful tips to help you create a calming and practical office space:

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Convert your loft
You may believe you simply haven’t got the space to have your very own office at home, but have you ever considered converting your loft? Your loft is a resource of unused space that will come in extremely handy when you are looking for a place for your home office. While it may not be quick to convert, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment if you’re planning on working remotely in the long term.

Your loft is also the furthest you can get from the remainder of the house, so you’re sure to get the peace and quiet you need. If you live in the south of England, it would be advisable to call a recommended loft conversion company in East London for further information.

Natural light
You should have as much natural light flooding through the office as possible. Exposure to natural light allows our bodies to generate vitamin D, which has been proven to stimulate concentration and, therefore, allows you to get more done throughout the day.

Keep the room bright and airy by hiring decorators Bromley to coat the walls in calming, neutral tones. Add mirrors to reflect natural light around the space. When it comes to decorating the room, it would also be worth investigating how specific colour tones affect your mood.

A comfortable chair
A desk chair is an essential aspect of any home office, so you should take the time to research the best option for you. You’ll be sitting in your office chair every day and it should give you adequate support.

Choosing the most suitable chair can be a challenge, but you must select one that provides ergonomic support through the back, thighs and arms to ensure you’re seated in the correct posture. If not, you could cause severe damage to your body when sitting for long hours in the wrong position.

Multiple monitors

Having multiple monitors is sure to optimise your productivity, especially if you spend the majority of your day juggling numerous tasks. An extra screen makes it much easier to answer emails, write content or design graphics without having to flick between windows on a single monitor. Ensure you select a screen that is the same model as your existing monitor for the most streamlined experience.

Add some plants

Not only do plants add a splash of colour to the space, but researchers have discovered that they also have the ability to improve our mental health by increasing happiness and keeping stress levels down. Instead of choosing any plant on the shelf, select those that are easy to maintain and don’t require a lot of watering or pruning.

There you have it: five ways to create your perfect home office.

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