NHS healthcare assistant unable to work creates motivational cards for community


AN NHS worker has created free motivational cards in a bid to cheer-up her local community.

25-year-old Hannah Neil has produced a variety of inspirational cards with uplifting messages to help cheer up her community.

The healthcare assistant is unable to work at the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire [UHCW] due to her personal health, and therefore has decided to help in another capacity.

Photos show the cards sat in a poly wallet by her gate in Coventry, West Midlands, allowing walkers and essential workers alike to take one home with them.

Hannah has personalised each card with its own message. Image: Hannah Neil

The cards are brightly coloured and printed with uplifting phrases and cheerful emojis.

Mum-of-two Hannah posted her cards to Facebook on Saturday saying: “Creative morning.

“A little card made with nice quotes and a message from the 83 household. Cheering people up that are doing their hour exercise past my house, or delivery drivers and also any NHS workers walking to work.

“Nothing like being positive. Nothing like being kind. Nothing like keeping people smiling. No storm lasts forever.”

The cards have messages written on them such as: ‘Smiles are free, but worth a lot’ with a smiling emoji.

The cards are situated at the front of Hannah’s gate free for anyone to pick up. Image: Hannah Neil

Another says: “Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful” with a few pictures of flowers.

The cards sit by Hannah’s gate with the message “please take one”.

Another image says: “Just a little card with a little bit of love, to keep you smiling through hard times. Be kind. Stay safe.”

Hannah’s post was also shared to the Facebook page ‘Spotted Coventry City’. Hannah’s messages have left many people with a smile on their face.

Kya Rose Mann said: “My beautiful friend, lovely idea.”

Toni Michelle added: “You’re super cute!”

Julie Woodage Hughes wrote: “So lovely.”

Hannah, who has worked with the NHS since October 2015, today said she decided to create the cards because she felt helpless not being able to help her fellow staff members.

Hannah said: “I have been off work not very well and I feel hopeless at the moment that I cannot help my members of staff out at a time like this.

“I know the team and the whole of the NHS staff around my area work super hard and long hours and seems most [transport] has been stopped for getting to and from there workplace, most staff would have to walk to work and I am on one of many main roads that leads to the hospital.

Hannah plans on making more cards. Image: Hannah Neil

“So I decided to make cards with quotes on to uplift them [NHS staff] and keep them smiling through hard times.

“They are also made for anyone that is able to get out that may feel they need a little bit of an uplift. So while I am stuck at home not being able to work I thought I would play a part where I can, even if it was to make people smile for just a moment.”

Hannah said she has had a positive impact from people taking the cards, and says she intends to make more.

She added: “A few people have taken them. I made someone that emotional she cried, and someone else held it to her chest smiling at me through the window. Once they are all gone I will fill it back up.”

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