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7 Ways To Make Extra Money From Home In The UK


The expansion and utilisation of technology has given people numerous ways of making money. It links demand and supply using systems that are monitored at the comfort of your home. One can earn over £2,000 a month from such opportunities. This article is a proof of concept to these assertions.

. Venture into Online Market Trading

If you have some savings tucked somewhere, consider online market trading. It works like the stock exchange but uses online trading media. However, before going in full time, understand how it works. Observe market trends and their behaviour on economic policies and understand market capitalisation for companies you want to invest in. Also, observe the valuation of the British Pound to the US Dollar as it dictates the elasticity of the market.

There are various online trading platforms to explore. The common ones include eToro, Plus500, and FXTM. Other services in the same range include stoke broking, market analysis, cryptocurrency and foreign exchange estimations. This investment suits people with a background in economics, financial law, accounting, audit and actuarial science.

2. Sports Betting

Sports betting involves predicting match outcomes from different sporting activities. The difference between sports betting and gambling is how the prediction is arrived at. For sports betting, two impartial teams or players have to square it out. The outcome involves human activity with the best team or athlete winning. Strength, preparedness and previous records form the decision making elements.

It is legal and if well analysed, it can give returns with £0 investment. Bookmakers such as William Hill Casino, EnergyBet Casino, 888Casino, and Casumo offer a periodic no-deposit bonus for first-time customers. If properly utilised with platforms such as Profit Accumulators, the user has up to 85% chance of winning. This tactic appeals more to sports lovers who can interpret gaming activities as it increases the chance of winning.

3. Do Product Reviews

Product reviews are becoming a lucrative investment among analysts. It can earn you money in two ways; directly through the company public relations department or indirectly through content development if you have a product review website. People who do independent product reviews commissioned by the production company are mostly professionals in the field. They evaluate the products using production best practices and benefit to the consumer. If you do product reviews as an independent observer, it can earn you some money through clicks on your site if your content is above board.

Platforms such as User Testing have elaborate systems of monetising reviews. They pay basing on analytic depth, improvement, corrections, proposals and understanding of the product. To see some great examples of home products being reviewed you can see

4. Create a Website or a Blog

Knowledge is a big seller on the internet currently. Content developers get paid for their information, skills and contributions. However, there are guidelines on word number, keywords and topic under discussion. Using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the content is guaranteed visibility, which translates to more earnings. It can be either blog texts, videos, infographics or analysis on a specific sector, product or market. However, you need to be good in the respective field to attract more content consumers.

Wix, WordPress, Site123 and Square Space are among the popular website builders in the United Kingdom. They offer pre-created theme templates which can be customised. The themes range from blogs to e-commerce, News or Magazines, Portal, Portfolio, Crowdfunding, educational and TV/video streaming.

5. Start Freelance Writing

With a computer, stable internet connection, good command of grammar, though sequence and an open mind, you can start online article writing services. However, this does not come at once. You have to read widely, practice writing and test your articles. With time, you perfect the craft and your rating improves. The higher the rating, the more people pay for your content.

Use online writing tools like Grammarly for grammatical corrections, Duplichecker for plagiarism and Word to HTML for Online text conversion to HTML. There are various article writing services providers such as Textbroker UK, Upwork, Freelancer and Copify UK. The writer can get as much as £.04 per word. For good writers, a 2000 words article per day earns £80, which is £2,400 per month.

6. Try Virtual Assistance

If you are good in clerical work, internet applications and organisational development, then virtual assistance fits you. A virtual assistant helps plan your work, synchronise operation activities and updates all information where needed. Start-ups and online businesses are increasingly adopting virtual assistance to help cut on cost.

Companies such as Money Penny provide virtual assistant opportunities for freelancers and stationed workers. The VA Handbook explains the advantages of virtual assisting and its operational benefits. If you are good, you can handle more than one clients at the comfort on your home. That gives multiple incomes with minimal expenses.

7. Sell your Products Online

The market dynamics have changed how people do shopping. The internet is increasingly becoming the preferred marketplace, thanks to its versatility, variety and freedom of choice. If you are a business owner, creating an account on any major e-commerce platform will increase sales cumulatively. The sites do marketing, have a huge following, handle logistics and facilitate payment between the buyer and the seller.

Ecommerce giants such as eBay UK, Amazon UK and Alibaba are the world’s biggest e-commerce platform due to their market capitalisation. All you need is a good system linking the warehouse or production point. You can track the processes from submission of interest, packaging, delivery and payment via the system. It helps sell faster, reach more customers, use less of your energy and allows for commendation.


The ideas listed above emphasizes on smart working, less service cost and a higher output versus input ratio. The returns on investment are high without breaking a sweat. Of the 7 work-from-home activities listed above, which one captured your attention the most? Comment below, share with your friends and let us know what you think.


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