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Finding the Perfect Watch: Your Guide to Classic Pieces


Today, finding the perfect watch for each occasion proves to be a challenge for the modern millennial. Besides being incredibly useful in our day to day activities, watches are one of the most functional fashion accessories up to date.  

Popular for its versatility the right watch can elevate your look to a hundred while matching it to your everyday look and various moods. But with so many options available nowadays, the only choice is to build up a collection of these luxurious accents. 

Your look and mood are completed by the perfect watch: from polished corporate attires to lavish celebrations, the right timepiece will always elevate your overall attire. Choosing your next watch can be a daunting task but navigate the designs with the right personality and mood in mind, and you’ll find the right fit before you know it.

 Check out our list of unique classics, pieces you can mix and match with your partner and timepieces that will elevate your collection!


1. The Everyday Timepiece

You’ll find never forget this one at home, for sure! The OCW-S5000 Casio Oceanus Watch is optimal for your everyday look with its modern design that can go from morning to night in an instant. 

The well -crafted details seen in the OCW-S5000 reflect thoughtful consideration into your timepiece needs. The luxurious functional band that did not forego wear-ability, the special blue hue of the centre, and its functionality just elevate this timepiece completely.

Integrated with modern technology through its Bluetooth connection feature and a sleek, slim overall feel, Casio Oceanus watches are perfect for those busy on-the-go lifestyles.

Photo by Pat Taylor on Unsplash

2. A Man’s Best Friend

The Tag Heuer Carrera Caliber 5 will surely be your man’s new best friend. Its classic and contemporary design exhibits masculine finesse which is completed with a timeless look and modern touches. 

An ode to the sportsmanship of professional drivers, the Carrera collection exudes a no-fuss stylishness that is essential in all great watches. The collection boasts of specially crafted alligator bands or fine-brush polished steel: all the best options you would need. 

The eye-catching sleekness of this collection truly makes it a great partner for the men in your life.


3. Boss Lady

Today’s female empire has built itself on the image of sophistication, intelligence, and beauty. Surely the boss ladies in your lives would have to carry elegant and stylish arm pieces as well. Enter the Rado True Thinline Diamonds Watch. 

With enough shine from its lustrous case, this piece earns a reputation as an upcoming favourite. Carrying itself with light structures and an intricately detailed centre, the details in this watch truly represent the beauty and strength of all the best women. #FemaleEmpowerment


4. The Digital Classic 

 Not too excited about old school analog watches? Then digital watches might be the arm candy you need. For a no-brainer digital favourite, try the Casio G-Shock. 

Iconic for its structure and body, this original timepiece feigns nostalgia in an 80s t0 90’s ode while still bringing a touch of modernity through its analog feature. The Casio G-Shock lines come with various options like interchangeable bands and chrome finishes. 

This icon is fit for any adventure you have in mind!


5. One for all: The Smart Watch

The need to be constantly connected with as much ease as possible is brought to life in the

currently most modern take on timepieces: the smartwatch. With mobile companies and watch brands each developing new options for smartwatches, the choices are endless. 

On our list of smartwatches to look out for is the Apple Watch Series 5. Its light energetic vibe partnered with current tech easily makes us appreciate its handy little wrist magic!

The smart design of the watch allows it to blend with the majority of your attires and in itself delivers aesthetically. Its feature-packed with highlights to prioritising fitness needs but all in all is an incredibly easy to use gadget. 

If you want a smartwatch that feels closer to home with a classic look, you might also be interested in the Fossil Q Hybrid Machine. Its crafty design line allows you to choose between a few looks that are still packed with smartwatch highlights. 

A fan favourite for its accessible tech design allowing notifications and your favourite functions to happen at one touch, this piece is also mobile phone friendly since it will likely connect to both Android and iOS systems. 

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