Medical Students raise money collectively walking to the south pole


Medical students are raising money for the charity Age Scotland as they collectively walk, run and cycle the distance from Dundee to the South Pole.

During lockdown a group of University of Dundee Medical students wanted to find a way to bring together students in isolation, all while raising money for an important cause.

Age Scotland is a national charity that works with local communities to offer support and help to people over 50 to combat isolation and loneliness.

After an urgent appeal for support was launched by the charity, students across all year groups voted to support them.

This unique challenge has over 200 students aiming to collectively walk, run and cycle the 6,292km distance from Dundee to the South Pole.

In honour of the city of discovery the South Pole was chosen as their virtual destination to celebrate the city’s special link with penguins.

Age Scotland is a national charity that works with local communities to offer support and help to people over 50 to combat isolation and loneliness.

With over 200 students and faculty now involved, the group are hoping to continue to garner support to reach their target of £1500.

Everything from a Sunday stroll to a long distance cycle counts towards the goal. All participants are encouraged to adhere to social distancing guidelines and stay safe wherever they are in the world.

A Medical student leading the project, Freya Anderson said, “Last week a few of us found ourselves feeling a little lost in self-study at home, and so we got our heads together to think of something fun that would give students a sense of togetherness.

“We thought a fundraiser would be a fun challenge, and also give us a reason to keep active during lockdown.

“Working with Age Scotland has been great as their values align with our ethos of encouraging support by a sense of togetherness, as so many students are not currently in Dundee.

“We have already covered 2751km so it would be fantastic if people could join us to help reach the finish line.”

Age Scotland’s Chief Executive, Brian Sloan said, “We’re so grateful to the Dundee Medical School Societies for the tremendous effort in their South Pole challenge.

“We at Age Scotland have been really enjoying following the team’s journey each day.

“This is an amazing way to keep up community spirit during lockdown, which we know is proving extremely challenging for tens of thousands of older people in Scotland who are feeling anxious, isolated and lonely.

“Our free Helpline has seen an unprecedented surge in calls from people looking for advice and information, or just a friendly chat.

“The vital funds raised from through this challenge will help make sure we can be there for every older person who needs us.

“I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all involved for helping older people at such a critical time.

“Congratulations on the progress so far and we wish you all the best in completing this monumental challenge!”

The group is aiming to raise £1,500 and have already achieved 80% of their target. All participants are receiving daily updates through their Facebook page. All donations to Age Scotland are collected through their Just Giving page.

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