New research hints at existence of “funny gene”


Being naturally funny could be predetermined at birth, according to new research from Beano magazine.

The study, which aims to explore the idea of a “funny gene”, found that comedic skills are likely to be influenced by both genetic and social factors.

Statistician Dr Geoff Ellis analysed traits of Britain’s 50 most famous comedians and found that naturally funny people are twice as likely to hail from the North, than anywhere else in the UK.

Genetic factors such as height, also play a role with taller people on average having more comedic success.

Dr Ellis also found that Geminis, like comedians Sarah Millican, Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding, are also thought to possess the best comedy skills.

While those born under Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are apparently the least likely to make us chuckle.

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The study, published yesterday, was specially commissioned by Beano who are on the hunt along with mental health charity YoungMinds to find Britain’s Funniest Family.

Findings from the report also show people born in cities rather than rural areas were more likely to be naturally funny.

Youngest children in families of at least three children are also twice as likely to be comedians than their elder siblings.

Additional supporting research of 2,000 British adults reveals that 71% of the nation agree that Northerners are funnier than Southerners, and Scousers have been voted funniest of all.

Mike Stirling, Head of Beano Studios, said: “At Beano we’re always looking for ways to tickle funny bones and long suspected a ‘Funny Gene’ existed too.

“But we’re on a mission to help keep the nation smiling with our hunt for Britain’s Funniest Family and can’t wait to see the comedy gold that all families across the UK can create together at home.”

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