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Why is Proxy important for web scraping?


Imagine if someone breaks into your house and starts stealing your stuff, would you sit quietly or do something? You will obviously pose some fight or try to make every possible attempt to call the police. 

The same case is with web scraping. Note that we are not here claiming that web scraping is illegal or not as it is a long debate. But we are saying that no website owner would like their website searched and have all of its data extracted easily. 

Therefore, proxies provide a perfect solution for that. They are one of the most important parts of any web scraping task. The reason for its immense importance is that when your web scraping tool crawls through websites without a proxy, your IP address is at risk of getting revealed. 

So you have to scrape anonymously which is only possible with a proxy. 

Why use rotating proxies services?

Now, another important thing to make sure you get effective results by web scraping is using proxies rotation. A proxy does hide your original IP address by lending you IP addresses of different regions from the server. But, using only one proxy that provides only one IP address can still be dangerous. 

There are many technologies available in the market, nowadays, that help website owners in recognizing web scraping activities on their site. One of the many anti-scraping tools carries out IP address tracking. 

Through tracking, the anti-scraping tool identifies the sudden rush of traffic on a website that originates from only one IP address. This sudden surge when gets identified enables the website owner to block the IP address, hence causing hindrance in web scraping activity. 

The alternate to this is a proxy rotation through which you can carry out web scraping with multiple IP addresses at a time. What actually happens when you use this service is your target website receives information on traffic from different real users at the same time. 

You get assigned to more than one IP address which ensures that the websites do not get bombarded by surging traffic from only one source. This does not put the website owners in any doubt as they assume the traffic to be from regular visitors. 

There are many providers in the market who offer IP rotation services. You can check out some really best ones here

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What are some other benefits of IP rotation?

Many businesses utilize web scraping services to get the best SEO data from the internet. IP rotation can be of paramount importance while performing SEO through web crawlers and scrapers. 

The reason for this is SEO involves keyword data collection from multiple sources, and SEO experts try to extract data from different locations. However, performing web scraping for SEO with only one IP address can be quite time-consuming. 

Therefore, with IP rotation, SEO workers can easily gain access to data of various locations within a fraction of time. Moreover, intelligence agencies also engage in web scraping for data extraction but they also cannot risk revealing themselves, thus IP rotation provides them with complete anonymity. 

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