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10 effective copywriting tips to improve your online business


A talented copywriter is able to write compelling copy that engages customers and encourages sales. Today, a lot of businesses are creating copy for their online endeavors. But how can they create valuable content that’s useful, persuasive, and powerful enough to transform their business?

Translation and copywriting agency, Pangea Global, present to you 10 effective copywriting tips to improve your online business…

  1. Keep it Short and Simple

No one likes a waffler. Keep readers engrossed with your content by writing short, but sweet copy. Use brief sentences, whilst making sure to be impactful with your words. Writing too much is often a mishap for many copywriters, but by getting straight to the point, you’re more likely keep your readers gripped and entertained.

  1. Break up Paragraphs

Excessive content is generally a bore for most readers. Try to keep your paragraphs under 150 words to make your text readable. Most users will arrive at your website to find an answer to their question – break up your paragraphs so they can find exactly what they’re looking for. Easy comprehension can be ensured when you split paragraphs into bite-size chunks.

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  1. Keep the Reader in Mind

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to focus on SEO when writing for your online business. You get distracted by keywords, link building and anchor text, when in fact, you should be striving to write content that is also enjoyable by the reader. When copywriting, remember to avoid keyword stuffing – no one wants to read through a forced, SEO-spammy article. Make your writing useful for the reader so they return to your site.

  1. Use Emotion

Tug at those heartstrings, wow your readers, and make them desire something. Emotions sell and it’s time you started incorporating this into your content. This is especially true for advertising, marketing and sales purposes. Copywriters write with emotion to persuade people to buy, and it often works.

  1. Consider your Tone

When writing copy for your online business, remember to consider your market. Who is reading your blog? What kind of audience enters your website or likes your social media pages? When you know who your target market is, define the right tone to use in your writing. It might be formal, informal, conversational, or playful. Set the tone, so your copy resonates with your readers.

  1. Stay Current

Make sure your online business is current by writing trendy topics. Not only will this entice your readers, but it will simultaneously improve your SEO when Google sees you’re on top of trends. Write about themes that are happening today, rather than yesterday. This way, your readers will know you’re a business who is relevant and updated on industry news.

  1. Insert Sub-Headings

As mentioned earlier, it’s vital that you keep your content visibly readable. Break up your sentences and paragraphs by using sub-headings. These will automatically draw attention to your readers and enable them to easily scan your copy from one subhead to the next. Bonus tip? Make sure those sub-headers are gripping enough to catch readers’ eyes!


  1. Check Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation

Avoid yourself any embarrassment or shame by proofreading your copy. As a writer, you need to ensure that your content is clear of any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors as this will immediately discourage any readers from reading your work. Excellent writing will build trust and loyalty among your readership.

  1. Be Original

Impress your readers by writing original copy. Not only will your unique content enthuse your potential clients, it will also grab the attention of search engines. Dig in to your creative core and scratch something up that your competitors would never think of doing. Ask yourself, “what’s missing?” and try to write copy that no one’s read before.

  1. Use an Active Voice

There are certain ways that writers can truly attract their readers – and that’s by using the active voice in their content. This is extremely important in business content as it helps clients read faster and easier. The active voice also tends to get straight to the point and make a more powerful impression on the reader.

What other copywriting tips would you recommend for an online business? Let us know in the comments below…


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