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7 Interesting Ways to Add Figs to Your Diet


In the culinary world, figs are a popular ingredient. Not only is it versatile, but it is healthy and adds a burst of sweetness to many kinds of dishes. For this reason, it is commonly used in many herbal medicines to help treat many ailments like cough, constipation, and asthma. Luckily, figs are available in the dried form that you can use, making it available all over the world for the countries where it does not grow. In this article, you will learn of interesting ways to add figs to your diet.

  1. Baked treats 

Do you love indulging in baked treats often? Then give them an extra dose of goodness and add figs to the one you are making at home. Either it is bread, cake, muffins, pies, and cookies, just like you can opt to add raisins in various baked fruits. Try using figs to enhance the flavor and add some sweetness to the baked goodies. So, give your cake and other baked fruits a ‘figgy’ twist and enjoy the natural sweetness that the figs have to offer. Through this, you will find nothing more enticing than a fig filled bake that you can try often. Some options that you can try are, fudgy fig roll, fig and raspberry crumble cake, and spiced fig, coffee & hazelnut cake, among others.

  1. Add to Salads 

As it is possible to grow figs at home, as the fig tree is a fast-growing one. When your fig fruits are ripe, it is easy to add them to your salads. Since the salad is a symphony of textures and tastes, adding figs will help you add a sweet taste to it. Alternatively, you can opt to have dried figs to add to your fresh salads to add some crunch to it. To make a scrumptious lunch, try caramelizing your fresh figs or roasting them, then add them to your veggies, nuts, salad leaves, and dressing. Other options you can try are mozzarella salad with Mediterranean fig, or marinated fig, among others.

  1. To make Indian sweets 

Figs in India are known as anjeer and are extensively used to make halwa and barfi that are Indian sweets. Since the figs have a sweet flavor and rich texture, it is easy to use it to bind with other ingredients as you make the sweets. As for halwa, it is a relishing treat that is made during the Navaratri festival. It is doused in desi ghee and topped with nuts. On the other hand, for making barfi, use dried figs, raisins, nuts, and little dates. This one is preferred for diabetics as it replaces sugar. Try various recipes to make these Indian sweets, and you can try them at home.

  1. Jams and chutneys 

When you take figs regularly, it is known to help cure anemia and you can get the iron, magnesium, calcium, copper, and vitamins that it contains. So, do not think that it will take forever to make jams or chutney that has figs in it. Try making yours at home as the recipes are simple, quick, and easy. Fig chutneys and fig jams are amazing additions to your diet to apply on your bread, adding to sandwiches and other dishes as figs are nourishing, and through consuming them in this form, you gain the benefits that it contains.

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  1.   In pudding and stuffing 

To those who love comfort food, use fresh figs nestled into bread and butter pudding, and use it to feel right at home. Also, you can try to make caramelized figgy bread and butter pudding, and the figs in it will make you love this pudding even more. To use figs in stuffing is a new way to shift from the sage and onion stuffing that most people prefer. Have this fruity stuffing as a side dish to your Sunday roast, and it will give your meal a much-needed lift. Others you can enjoy are fruity Christmas stuffing with figs added and pork loin with fig and apple stuffing.

  1. Make it part of your breakfast 

No matter what your breakfast consists, you can add figs to it to boost the nutrition you have in the morning. As part of your morning cereal, add figs and nuts as toppings, and you start on a healthy note every morning. Also, you can reap the health benefits of figs by adding it in milkshakes and smoothies, especially if you dislike having plain milk for breakfast. Top it with seeds and nuts, and even when you don’t have it for breakfast it can be a quick meal as well. Additionally, if you love your morning fresh glass of juice, try making a glass of fig juice, by juicing the fruit with some water as part of your breakfast drink. Besides, you can have it with a mixture of other fruits like apples, orange, and other seasonal fruits.

  1. Spice and have it 

When you do not want to add figs to other dishes. Try having it as a fruit, and as it has soluble fiber when you soak it overnight to drink in the morning, it can help sort any constipation issues that you have. However, you can opt to spice it and have it as a dessert by allowing the fruit to take center stage. Have it as honey almond figs, sticky cinnamon figs, among other spiced up recipes. Due to the high sugars, they blend perfectly with other intense flavors of what you spice it with to have them as desserts.

In summary, the above interesting ways to add figs in your diet are easy and reasonable ways to try out. The figs add a burst of sweetness to savory dishes and an aroma to sweet treats. Its distinctive texture can be felt when used to top pizzas, in pies and tarts, and many other dishes. Buy fig fruits to add to your meals or grow your fig tree to have them readily available for use.

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