Coronavirus see a surge in holiday-makers buying custom wallpaper similar to the destination to help them relax according to a wallpaper company


THE coronavirus pandemic has seen a surge in the number of people buying outdoor or holiday styled wallpaper after many summer holiday plans were cancelled or put on hold.

According to, an online, wall mural and photo wallpaper company, there has been a significant spike in the number of customers purchasing outdoor and holiday scenes to boost their mental health and reduce their fear of missing out.

Allan Rimmer and his wife Stephanie knew it’d be unlikely that they’d get to go on their Greek island holiday this year, which so them buy Greek harbour wall paper to help them imagine the holiday.

Allan said: “We were fed up but then we thought – let’s bring a Greek Island into our home!

“We’d heard about Wallsauce through our daughter and checked their website for inspiration, finally deciding on this image of one of our very own favourite Greek harbours. The outdoor theme really helps us forget about the lockdown and staying indoors.”

Diane Rhoden was supposed to be embarking on the holiday of a lifetime this year with her husband – with their trip planned to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the couple’s business.

Allan Rimmer and his wife Stephanie bought a wallpaper in the style of a Greek harbour to bring their holiday home. Image supplied

However, when it was cancelled, the devastated pair decided to bring the country’s famous cherry blossom to them instead and chose a huge wall mural for Diane’s home office.

Lorna Creighton has been working from home for the first time during lockdown and, to make it easier for her, decided to bring a forest scene into her small office space.

She added:”I really enjoy being outdoors and this scene really reminds me of a local forest near to where I like to stay and walk to.

“I barely ever spent any time in this room before COVID-19, but now it feels like a welcoming open window to the world outside. By adding forest and bird noises and a forest reed diffuser, it really feels real!”

Leigh Kennett’s seven-year-old daughter, Erin, is autistic, and is never happier than when she’s near water. However, Erin has been really missing her regular swimming sessions and trips to the seaside, so the family decided to create an underwater-themed bedroom instead.

Leigh said:“Water helps Erin’s anxieties and makes her happy, so the mural has really helped her feel calm and safe during this pandemic. And bedtimes have become much easier now!” Leigh added.

Lorna Creighton turned her office into a forest to help her relax while she worked at home. Image supplied

Rachel Kenny, head of the design studio at, said: “Spending time in your favourite travel destinations or outdoor spots is a tried and tested antidote to the stresses and strains of everyday life for millions of people.

“However, the coronavirus pandemic has meant that an already difficult situation has become even more difficult again, by removing or limiting our freedom to relax in the places that make us truly happy.

“So, while we stand by everyone going through a tough time, it gives us a great sense of pride to know that our wall murals are helping to make such awful circumstances that little bit more bearable, and introducing some much needed light, nostalgia and fun into our customers’ homes.”

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