Shocking footage shows youths attack each other in with police recovering two blades following the violence


SHOCKING footage shows a mass brawl at a park as youths kick and stamp on one victim.

The disturbing scene was captured on Monday 1 June at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham.

The violence erupted amid 26C heat in the city and saw a mass brawl break out, with two knives recovered by police following the disturbance.

As the video begins, one man is seen lying on the floor trying to protect himself as a group of assailants viciously kick him.

They start punching him before dragging him along the ground.

As he tries to get up, he is immediately set upon again by the group who continue to strike him.

Women can be heard screaming in the background as the group kick and knee the man in the chest.

One youth was repeatedly beaten by a group

The man repeatedly tries to run away, but the group keeps attacking him.

The clip then cuts to another fight as two different men begin brawling.

As the video ends, bystanders attempt to pull the men off each other who continue to wrestle with each other.

The footage appeared on social media not long after the attack and has shocked those who watched it.

Pel Rio wrote: “Wow. Being a dad makes me so angry seeing this, what is wrong with these kids?”

Don King added: “I hope police arrest them all.”

He was dragged along the ground

And Mubariz H-Yev said: “I blame soft laws for teenagers.”

The Ops Support Unit at West Midlands police tweeted an image of the knives they recovered shortly after they searched the area.

They posted the images captioned: “”After disorder in cannon hill park and various reports of issues, U3b attended in support of our neighbourhood colleagues, conducted a weapons sweep of the area and recovered these.”

Two blades were recovered by police (Image: WMP)

The picture shows two black switch blade type knives.

A West Midlands Police spokesperson told local media: “We were called to reports of a disorder between a large group of people in Cannon Hill Park at around 7.30pm Monday 1 June.

“Officers attended and on searching the area discovered two knives.

“Police will be patrolling the area while investigations continue to establish what has happened.”

Speaking today, a West Midlands Police spokeswoman added: “There are no updates, enquiries are ongoing into the Cannon Hill Park incident.”

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