Missguided slammed after customers discover the retailer using size eight models to advertise plus sized clothes


MISSGUIDED have been slammed by customers for using size eight models to advertise their plus sized clothing range.

Eagle-eyed shoppers spotted a disclaimer on the company’s website admitting that the models used for their larger collection are from their “Mainline” range.

Customers have hit out at the “lazy” choice and accused the retailer of “profiting from plus sized people without actually supporting them”.

A size eight model, models plus size clothing for misguided

Images from the Plus Size section of Missguided’s website show slim, size eight models sporting the supposedly larger range.

Next to the photos is a note which reads: “Please note: The picture shown is our size 8 model.

“However this plus size style comes in sizes UK size 16 / EU size 44 / US size 12 up to UK size 26 / EU size 54 / US size 22.”

Another similar disclaimer appears next to a slender model wearing a jumpsuit, which says: “Please note: the picture shown is our mainline style.”

Harriet tweets her shock at the images.

The average UK dress size for a woman is a size 16, meaning models shown with the supposedly larger range are considerably smaller than would be expected.

Among those to complain was Twitter user Harriet from Somerset.

She actually calculated that around 20% of Missguided’s plus size range is currently not being modeled on plus size women.

She tweeted today [9 Jun] saying: “So, Missguided are using straight size models to show their plus range and using a disclaimer of ‘you’ll just have to imagine what they look like on a plus girl’ (paraphrased of course), to sell their clothes?”

Many other women were also quick to criticise Missguided’s decision.

@AnaVK wrote: “Um, quick question for you @Missguided. Please can you explain why you’re suddenly using your size 8 models to sell your plus ranges?”

Bettier Karen added: “OK I just went on their website, what kind of f***ery is that?

“The whole point of a plus size curve range is so plus size & curve people can see what it would look like on a body like theirs.

“Missguided anything to say? It’s lazy.”

The photo has promoted outrage as a size eight model wears plus size clothing

And @Soulmori said: “This screams ‘we want to profit from plus size individuals without representing or supporting them in any way’.”

Several other social media users accused Missguided of being irresponsible in their choice of model.

@Justnien wrote: “Why are you advertising plus size clothing on a model that size?

“If that’s considered plus size how small do you have to be to fit in the other clothing?”

And Katie McMinn said: “This is what is causing damage to girls. No wonder most of us are obsessed with our weight.”


Missguided today [Tue] blamed the decision on coronavirus.

A Missguided spokesman said: “Because of obvious circumstances, we’ve avoided booking additional models right now for ranges that have been extended from smaller sizes.

Right across our plus size ranges online you can see plus size models – in this rare exception, we’re transparent online about the model’s size.

However, Harriet refuted this claim, saying: “It’s an excuse to shun plus size people.

“Plus people have hardly anywhere to shop anyway, we like the representation and it empowers us knowing that we are beautiful and accepted the way we are.

“Using straight models to showcase us makes us look like we aren’t accepted or desired, and for those who struggle with body image or eating disorders or low confidence it’s more than just an image, it can be detrimental.

“Many other brands have been doing more to keep their brands inclusive and accepting of all sizes.

“ASOS to name one have been sending their models the clothes to their homes to model and use from there, or simply hanging their clothes on hangers.

“Using Covid is inexcusable and lazy. It’s damaging, cruel and not healthy. ”


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