University launches Coronavirus Research Fundraising Campaign


The University of Dundee has launched a major fundraising campaign to support research into coronaviruses.

As society slowly emerges from lockdown, the University continues to immediately respond to the significant challenges presented by Covid-19.

Professor Inke Nathke, Interim Dean, School of Life Sciences

Scientists in the Schools of Life Sciences and Medicine are leading on crucial research to understand the virus better, to help develop effective testing, to contribute to the global search for a vaccine and to improve outcomes for those affected locally.

The University’s work in this area is recognised as excellent and has attracted funding from the Chief Scientist’s Office, the Wellcome Trust and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, amongst other key research funding institutes.

Professor Inke Nathke, Interim Dean, School of Life Sciences said: “Covid-19 will not be the last coronavirus the world will face.

“Our researchers are also bringing Dundee’s expertise in drug discovery to bear on future strains. The Covid-19 crisis has shown we need to have drugs proven to be effective against coronaviruses and ready on the shelf if and when future outbreaks occur.

“We greatly appreciate the help we have already received from funders. We hope the public can also support this work to progress further and faster. Donations from the public allow our scientists to be nimble by having the funds to follow emerging concepts and ideas quickly, in the pursuit of a breakthrough in the fight against this novel coronavirus and future viruses.”

Professor James Chalmers, Clinical Professor at the University of Dundee

Professor James Chalmers, Clinical Professor  said: “The only real exit strategy for the problems that we are facing today and to get back to the world we had before is to either find a new treatment or find a vaccine. The medical community has never faced a more urgent need for treatment than the unprecedented situation we face today with Covid-19. We’re conducting clinical trials that will help develop a new medicine that hopefully will prevent the main complications of coronavirus and therefore make this a treatable infection.”

Anyone who wishes to make a donation and support coronavirus research at the University of Dundee can do so here.