Student raging after being offered £10 compensation by I Saw It First for “finding sock with used plaster” in her parcel


A HIGH-risk shopper has revealed her horror after apparently discovering a “sock with a used plaster” inside her parcel.

Regan Boniface, who suffers from asthma, says she was left disgusted when she opened her £40 clothing package from I Saw It First and discovered the “lockdown freebie” inside.

The 18-year-old’s condition means she is particularly vulnerable at the moment and says the grim discovery on 5 June left her “worried” for her health.

The photo shows a clearly worn black sock covered in flecks of dirt.

The worn sock apparently tumbled out with a lounge set

Near the toe is half of a “used” plaster, stuck on presumably from the item’s previous owner.

The company refused to refund Regan, offering a £10 gift card which the University of Essex student says is not enough.

A furious Regan took to social media to warn other shoppers.

She posted a photo of the offending sock captioned: “Avoid I Saw it First at all costs.

“Whilst opening my package an old black sock with a used plaster falls out the leg of my lounge set.

“A £10 voucher has been offered to me as compensation as opposed to a full refund you must be joking.

High-risk Regan was worried about the health implications

“Avoid this company!”

Regan’s post had social media users in disbelief.

Elle Reading wrote: “Disgusting, especially with everything going on at the moment.

Mollie Betson added sarcastically: “That’s peng” with laughing emojis.

Regan joked back that the item was “clearly a lockdown freebie.”

While one user suggested she enlist the help of TV presenter Joe Lycett, who often recently exposed online retailer for their unhygienic returns practices.

Regan’s friends were equally horrified

Speaking today, Regan said: “I was shocked at the poor response from such a popular company, especially during a pandemic.

“I was disgusted that thorough checks were not made when the item was returned, and I’m also high risk so I was worried.

“The company has been nothing but rude.”

I Saw It First’s customer service team said they were “truly sorry” and launching a “full internal investigation”.

They added: “As a full and final offer, we’d like to offer you a £10 voucher on your next order with us.”

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