Incredible images of blood-spattered helmet show how it saved teen climber’s life after he plunged 26 feet off a cliff



Bloody helmet

CHILLING images of a blood-spattered helmet show how the device saved a young climber’s life after he plunged 26 feet off a cliff face.

The 19-year-old climber narrowly escaped death on Saturday after his supportive gear broke mid-ascent while on a climb in the Lake District.

Luckily, the teen was wearing a helmet which the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team say spared him and prevented any life changing injuries.

The images show the bloodied helmet which has been bent slightly out of shape and cracked.

Other photos show the man’s position as he lay at the bottom of Shepherds Crag and another shows him being stretchered away.

Incredibly, the youth escaped with just bruises and a cut to his head.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team uploaded the incredible pictures to Facebook captioned: “A 19 year old fell  eight metres whilst climbing the route M.G.C. at Shepherds Crag in Borrowdale.

“Unfortunately he hit the ground and was in and out of consciousness after a bang to the head.

“Due to the nature of the injury air and road ambulance teams attended and treated the casualty.

They added that the man was then taken to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle.

They added: “24 hours later we received news that he had been discharged from hospital with ‘just’ bruises to his shoulder and a cut to the head.

“He was remarkably lucky.

“The climber gave us permission to share the photo of his helmet and this may have saved his life or prevented a life changing injury.”

Shaun Davey wrote under the post: “This is why everyone should wear a helmet when climbing or scrambling, one slip and a whack on the head that piece of plastic could be the thing that ensures you still have a life to lead.”

Ann Clark added: “The correct gear is invaluable when it comes to saving life. Glad he came out so well. ”


And Mark Townsend commented: “That helmet has taken an impact to leave an impression like that. Definitely done its job. Well done all.”

Dominic Perkins was in the area when the accident occurred.

He uploaded pictures and video of the rescue to Facebook describing how he heard a “horrible thud”.

Speaking today Dominic said: “The sounds of it he may have been stupid trying to push his grade.

“I know he’d already fallen twice on that same piece of gear and the third time it popped out.

“He’s on the mend. I remember hearing the thud and looking to see if someone had fallen.

“Thought the guy was dead.”

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