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ActiveBrokerz Review – Is a Recommended Trading Platform?


Do you want to take charge of your personal finances? Do you want to invest in the stock market, but don’t want to pay the 2-3% management fees charged by banks and credit unions? Certainly, investing in the stock market requires knowledge in the field of finance.

But, it is never too late to learn the basics of finance and investment. In addition, there are simple strategies that do not require much financial knowledge.

Is it necessary to manage your own investments to achieve financial independence? No! But, let’s say it can help speed up the journey.

Why? Because by investing yourself, you can save hundreds of dollars each year in management fees or loss of opportunity. These hundreds of dollars lost each year only postpone your retirement age…

Brokerage platforms allow you to manage your own investments in stocks, bonds, assets, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). You do not need to go through a broker or an advisor to make transactions. The transaction fees are very low which allows you to get better returns on your investments.

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However, you have to be careful when investing yourself in the financial markets. You must know your investor profile, determine your financial objectives, know your risk tolerance, etc.

You can use portfolios pre-established by funds, copy the portfolios of known investors (several investors disclose their portfolio on the Web), or build your own portfolio according to your needs and objectives.

That said, you don’t have to be a finance expert to invest yourself using a brokerage platform. You don’t have to follow the financial markets in the Wall Street Journal and make transactions every day. You can take a passive approach which involves investing in funds that follow the markets.

An online brokerage platform is an intermediary actor that connects a client and a producer of services. Its role was generally found in stocks, commodities, derivatives, and the insurance and real estate markets in the early modern era. Indeed, until the dawn of the Internet age, most brokers operated by a telephone.

Clients could call their trading orders, and brokers buy and sell assets on behalf of their clients for a commission based on a percentage.

With the advent of the Internet, many brokers have enabled their customers to access their accounts and make transactions via digital platforms and mobile applications.

In the past, a broker was considered an individual member of a profession and often worked in a special agency called a brokerage. Nowadays, the term “broker” is often used as a shorthand for an online broker.

Online brokerage services offer Internet speed to traders. This is a considerable advantage in an area where time is of the essence.

The convenience of online and mobile access for investment eliminates the need to communicate with customer service representatives and communicate their intentions, and many find it a faster and more efficient method to manage their investments compared to traditional brokers.

Online brokers have some major advantages that make them the best choice for most people who do not necessarily have the time to go to physical actors. They are usually the most practical way to invest in achieving your financial goals.

Brokerage accounts have become essential tools for investors. But the Internet revolution has radically changed the way people invest.

Previously, traditional brokerage firms had to visit their customers or take their orders over the phone in order to comply with regulatory restrictions that governed their activities.

However, you can find brokerage firms that allow you to manage all of your financial affairs without ever speaking directly to a person, and to carry out all of their transactions online or on a mobile application.

So to choose a brokerage platform, it will be necessary to analyze the different services offered by the platform, their security pattern, and choose the one that best matches your investor profile and best meets your financial objectives.

ActiveBrokerz Review

ActiveBrokerz trading platform is different from those scrupulous platforms that scam users of their funds. This brokerage platform is trusted by thousands of clients across the globe. It is a one-stop platform for asset trading. We would examine this broker in detail.

A brief overview of the ActiveBrokerz trading platform

ActiveBrokerz is a reliable trading platform well known for providing top-notch CFD and forex trading services. The broker is popularly known in the blockchain industry for offering a variety of trading products and financial instruments their users can easily trade in.

This gives traders an option to spread their capital between several assets in order to reduce risk and maximize profits.

With ActiveBrokerz, you can decide to trade on different assets such as CFDs, commodities, forex, indices, and cryptocurrencies. is a  CFD and forex trading platform established by financial professionals who have ample experience and knowledge of the financial market.

The trading platform was created to better the life of traders and make their trading activities easier through an effective, reliable, and user-friendly platform.

Most users confirm that the platform is trader-centric. This means that the platform is fully concerned about the welfare of traders using its platform.

They also claim to be dedicated and concentrated on offering high-value services to their clients. They achieve this through the provision of exceptional features and unique services. The trading company also claims that its services are designed to accommodate traders with different levels of experience.

The company’s main priority is to help traders increase their profits as much as possible. They provide clients with access to the financial market. ActiveBrokerz help clients trade profitably by providing them with outstanding features and special trading tools. With these features, traders can increase their profit level and trading returns.

ActiveBrokerz claims to have some of the best financial market experts who can help you with several trading strategies that you may utilize to churn out positive trading outcomes.

Outstanding features of ActiveBrokerz platform

  • Highly rated Trading Platforms

It is important that you choose a broker that has advanced trading platforms. This platform must-have technologies that would help you navigate easily and make a good profit.

Note that your trading platform would affect your profitability in the long run. Consider brokers developed with the latest trading platforms.

One of such options you could consider is ActiveBrokerz. You would find Meta Trader 4 which is one of the best trading spots on the ActiveBrokerz platform. Let us briefly discuss the trading platforms available on ActiveBrokerz.

Meta Trader 4

As mentioned earlier, Meta Trader 4 is one of the best trading platforms. The trading platform is reliable and efficient. Trading assets such as stocks, indices, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrency are available on Meta Trader 4.

This reputable trading platform has been known for delivering top-notch services to thousands of traders across the globe since its inception in 2005.

Over 750 brokerage platforms including ActiveBrokerz make use of Meta Trader 4. This super-platform has both desktop and mobile versions fortified with high-quality trading tools.

Their customer service is beneficial to traders, the fact that their platform is available in 30 languages is a plus for them. Meta Trader 4 promises clients exclusive benefits like the intuitive interface, advanced charts, high-quality trading tools, and multi-language support.

Web Trader

With ActiveBrokerz, you have access to various facilities on their desktop. You can easily trade CFDs, commodities, stocks, forex pairs, futures, and indices on the web trader.

Above all, you get to predict accurate future prices with the technical analysis trading option. That’s is not all, you can also install multiple trading options that would help you earn huge profits.

Mobile Trader

All the attractive trading opportunities on the web trader are available to clients using mobile phones on the mobile trader platform.

Most times, the mobile trader platform offers opportunities for instant trades. Meta Trader 4 is accessible on mobile phones as well. This mobile trader platform creates a more profitable and efficient trading environment since your phone would be available for you at your fingertips.


  • Several payment options

At times, traders face difficulty making deposits for their trading account. This case could be worse if just one payment option is available to investors.

The client would have to struggle with the inconvenience. Nevertheless, ActiveBrokerz brokerage platform has allowed traders to make payments through a variety of payment options. This provision of variety has reduced the difficulty. Traders can now select the payment option suitable for their transactions.

The payment options include bank wire transfer, debits and credit cards,  Moneynet, and UpayCard. Debit and credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa are very fast means used by clients to deposit their funds into their ActiveBrokerz account. You may decide to go for a bank wire transfer option if the debit or credit card option is not suitable for you.

The bank wire transfer option is particularly suitable if you are depositing a large amount of money. However, you can perform your transfer using different currencies such as GBP, USD, or EUR.

Another alternative payment is the supported payments from different parts of the world, and these payment methods include Moneynet and UpayCard.

ActiveBrokerz platform works hard to ensure that your funds are safe, note that your deposit may take up to 2-7 business days before it begins to reflect on your ActiveBrokerz account.

Strictly, the broker does not support any form of third party payment, these restrictions are applied to ensure a safe trading platform for investors.


  • A secure trading platform

Security is very crucial to every asset trader. ActiveBrokerz offers a safe trading platform for traders through high-end technology.

It is an open secret that traders are skeptical when it comes to online business due to the prevailing security challenges in the financial market. Many investors have lost their hard-earned money and had their personal data stolen through insecure platforms.

In a bid to prevent these security menaces as much as possible, ActiveBrokerz makes use of encryption technology and advanced security techniques. The encryption feature helps to restrict unauthorized persons from gaining access to the platform.

This brokerage platform also uses the “know your customer” policy to ensure that individuals with false identities are not allowed into the system. Before getting an account with the ActiveBrokerz platform, some crucial personal documents must be provided.  ActiveBrokerz platform has also made the smart contract feature available on their system.

This smart feature helps to prevent the broker from using clients’ funds for other personal purposes. Several security features also have been deployed to safeguard your ActiveBrokerz account and provide a smooth trading session. These security features include stop loss, SSL feature, data encryption, and many more.

  • Simple and Easy withdrawal process

There is nothing like the joy of withdrawing your profits when you have eventually made it, but a frustrating withdrawal process can kill all the excitement. ActiveBrokerz platform doesn’t intend to kill your joy in any way, they have provided simple withdrawal methods for their users. Firstly, you can take the option of withdrawing your funds directly to your bank.

This method is facilitated through the creation of an intuitive client portal that is designed to make it straightforward and less complicated for you to withdraw your funds as fast as possible.

You can decide to withdraw through other options like the MasterCard, Visa, or bank wire option. However, the withdrawal charges and the time that is taken to process your withdrawal depends on the payment option that you choose.


  • Exceptional Customer Service

ActiveBrokerz brokerage platform has shown great interest in the trading activities of its clients. They continually strive to provide an enabling environment for its users. One reason investors prefer this platform is their exceptional customer service. This brokerage platform is committed to providing individual attention to every client and attending to users’ difficulties.

Their sophisticated customer care team is made up of experienced professionals. The customer care representatives are very friendly and knowledgeable in technical and trading issues.

These excellent services have left traders satisfied as most of them to leave positive reviews about their services. The customer service team provides 24 hours service to clients every day of the week.


  • The sophisticated online Academy

The main aim of trading assets is simply to generate income and increase profits. To achieve this, traders must be well informed about the activities of the financial market.

They must develop the necessary skills that would aid them in making profitable trades. Luckily, ActiveBrokerz helps its clients develop these necessary skills through their educational activities.

They also offer premium expert advice to traders to enable them to maximize returns from their trading procedures.

They have developed an efficient online academy focused on educating readers on the latest trends in the financial market and the skills required to minimize risks and trade profitably.

The materials used for this online academy include video tutorials, eBooks, etc. These materials help traders to know more about the procedures and activities of the financial market.

Furthermore, ActiveBrokerz online academy also offers live sessions and online webinars with financial experts.

Newbies would not have to worry as this platform is beginner-friendly. Beginners are provided with all the available resources that would get them acquainted with the terms and trends of the financial market.

As expected, the platform also provides more intensive training for investors with advance and expert ActiveBrokerz account.

This is because these account holders take bigger risks by investing huge amounts of money, it is important that they are carefully guided to make the best possible trading decision. ActiveBrokerz also provides technical indicators to investors, this would help them develop good strategies focused on making maximum profit.


  • Exclusive account options

With ActiveBrokerz, you stand the chance of selecting a suitable account. Not all investors have the same level of experience and financial capacity. This is why it is necessary to pick an account based on your level of experience and financial capacity. This would you keep relaxed and informed. Carefully examine the features of these three account options available on this platform.


This account option is basically for individuals that are just getting into the financial market. Individuals that do not have prior experience concerning asset trading.

These set of new traders may begin their trade by depositing an amount that is not less than € 250. You can make use of any of the payment methods discussed earlier to deposit funds in your wallet.

As a beginner account holder, you would have access to highly rated assets. Online webinars are also available to these account holders. With this account, you also gain access to reports about daily market research.

All these materials are meant to give the beginner all the information needed to create good strategies and develop better skills to make profits.


The advanced account option on ActiveBrokerz exposes the average trader to massive opportunities. This account type is specifically for traders with advanced knowledge and experience in the financial market.

The advanced account offers the features on the beginner account and some extra outstanding features. For example, traders with advanced accounts gain access to market charts, top assets, educational materials, live webinars, research reports, three sessions with industry experts, etc.

Other benefits of this account include access to ActiveBrokerz academy and three-month free access to expert advisors.

The expert advisor can always help with professional advice and the formulation of better trade tricks. The resources available to Advanced account holders contain information that breeds opportunities and equips investors. The minimum deposit for this account is €5000.


The expert account is for investors that have a certain level of experience and expertise in the financial market. These investors must be willing to take the risk of investing massively and interested in investing in large amounts of stocks, commodities, bonds, and induced. Investors willing to take the risk are required to make a minimum fund of  € 20,000.

Several unique features are available to expert account holders. Some of these features include full access to live trading room, services of expert advisor, account manager, market research reports, live webinars, one-to-one live sessions, online academy, and access to top trading assets.


  • Demo Account Available

This trading platform also offers demo account features for beginners. The demo account is used to explore the trading platform and to understand the trading activities. This account does not use actual funds for trading, it makes use of virtual currencies to place a trade. It is important that every trader understand the activities of the platform they intend to use.

This is where the demo account comes in. The demo account helps you to gather trading experience before performing life trading. In the actual life trading account, you can now practice the skills you learned using the demo account.

The demo account has all the features of the live trading account save for the fact that virtual money is used for demo accounts. However, changing to a live trading account is very easy, you can achieve the transition just with a click.

ActiveBrokerz brokerage platform has shown commitment towards providing an enabling platform for investors. They have achieved this by offering a good number of exceptional features on their platform.

Nevertheless, it is important that invest wisely and start small when dealing with platforms in the financial market.

However, we can conclude that ActiveBrokerz is a great platform for both beginners and experts in the financial market. They are a trusted company known to deliver quality trading services to their clients.

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