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Best Tips You Must Know Before Calling To UK


As we all know that due to the revolution of the internet the things are changing day by day which greatly changes the lifestyle of people. Know people start more to communicate online instead of meeting them to their home etc.

There are many online services which we are using to stay connected with our loved ones like email, Whatsapp,Facebook, or many other ways through the internet.

Despite these new techniques, no one can forget the importance of a phone call. This is the most old fashioned and reliable service which everyone using currently.

Today’s technology suggests more opportunities for dialing from the United States to the United Kingdom, but a few of the traditional practices still apply.

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Tips For Calling To The UK 

Here you get the general tips if you are calling to the UK from the US. Through these tips, you can easily get the basic codes and points on which you have to focus before dialing any number.

These tips also help you to dial a cost-effective call. Let’s take a quick look.

First Step:

Dial the international access code, 011

Second Step:

Dial the UK’s country code, 44

Third Step:

Dial the area code (Two- Fiver digits) excluding the leading 0

Fourth Step:

Dial the phone number you are trying to reach usually from four to eight numbers.

Last Step:

If you find any issue just dial 00 for direct assistance from U.K Calling Operators.

Let’s have a deep look at the UK calling process and get more United Kingdom calling tips here.

Decoding the Numbers

Similarly to the U.S. phone numbers, U.K. numbers follow a specific format: +44 0000 111 240. Start with 44, which is the country code of the U.K. They start with the number 44, which is the U.K. country code.

Two to four-digit number is used or a mobile carrier by following the country code. Through this code, you can get all the geographic information of the U.K.The last six digits are the specific phone number. You should have the all U.K city code number before dialing.

Major UK City Codes                 

Aberdeen                           1224

Belfast                                   28

Birmingham                          121

Blackburn                             1254

Blackpool                             1253

Bolton                                  1204

Bournemouth                       1202

Bradford                               1274

Brighton                               1273

Bristol                                   117

Cambridge                            1223

Cardiff                                   29

Colchester                            1206

Coventry                               24

Derby                                   1332

Dundee                                1382

Edinburgh                            131

Glasgow                              141

Gloucester                           1452

Huddersfield                        1484

Leeds                                  113

Leicester                             116

Liverpool                             151

London                                20

Luton                                  1582

Manchester                        161

Middlesbrough                   1642

Newcastle                          191

Newport                             1633

Northampton                      1604

Norwich                              1603

Nottingham                         115

Oxford                                1865

Plymouth                            1752

Portsmouth                         23

Preston                               1772

Reading                              118

Sheffield                              114

Southampton                      23

Stoke-on-Trent                  1782

Sunderland                        191

Swansea                      1792

Swindon                       1793

Wolverhampton           1902

Worcester                    1905

York                             1904

Dialing Out

When you are calling to any international number. You have to just dial the exit country code from which the call is made then the phone number.

The exit country code for the U.S. is 011. When you are using a landline for calling to the U.K. from the U.S. replace the plus sign at the beginning of the number with 011. Moreover, if you are dialing to the U.K from the U.S from a cell phone, you may prefer to dial the plus sign to begin your call.

More About The Phone Calling

Telephone administrations have progressed significantly since the times of switchboard administrators and rotating dials, yet the fundamental standards continue as before in case you’re calling from a landline telephone.

The emerging technology Voice-over-IP options make the use of broadband and Internet technology more efficient by allowing real-time voice and video calling. With the increase of phone services in the market for business. VOIP has now become one of the most reliable technologies which became the most popular way for calling purposes.

Remember Cost

When you are are calling the UK then the most important thing to remember is cost. That how much they are charging from you. The rates are different for landline and mobile phones as well. There is a huge difference in rates when you are calling internationally and locally to any city in the UK.

If you prefer to place calls using a VoIP service, such as Skype, inquire about any relevant charges before you dial. If you are looking for VOIP services for your small to large business then consider to do your task. If you need more about the United Kingdom calling tips then read this.

I hope this article will help you to understand the basic rules while calling to the UK.

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