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What to Consider When Looking for Office Space


When shopping for an office space for your enterprise, there are many things you have to consider. On average, people spend 90,000 hours in the office over the course of their lives. That is a lot of hours. The only other place where people spend more time in than the office is their homes.

When you spend that much time in one place, you have to ensure it is as habitable and conducive as possible. The following are tips that will guide you in landing an office that addresses all that you need.

The Location

The location of the office has to be somewhere where you and your staff do not take too long to reach. Convenience is vital for all the parties involved, including your clients. Therefore the location should ideally be as close to the city center as possible. A place that acts as a converging point for anyone headed in that direction.

The location should also be close to other essential amenities like food joints, public transport and ample parking space. 

Office Space Ambience

Every business demands a certain ambiance to it that becomes part of the company’s image, something that sticks with the customer. A functional office space should be able to accord you that ambiance once you settle in naturally.

A quiet office is good for your employees as well as your investors and clients. It leaves an impression of professionalism when they come to your office and see people silently handling their business.

The Rent and Number of Staff

Your budget determines the kind of office you end up getting. Offices come in different sizes and at different rates. It all depends on your budget and the size of your staff. If you employ more than ten people, then the office will have to be bigger, if possible, it has to be partitioned.

If you only have 2-3 employees, then an open plan office can work just fine with everyone in their corner. Some landlords will offer discounts depending on your commitment to stay with them.


Workplaces are getting more connected now than ever. Quick communication is vital and for this reason, the whole office complex has to be technologically equipped. The internet connection has to be robust and reliable since most businesses run entirely on online platforms. 

Conference rooms must also have screens and projectors for presentations and clear video calls. They must also have standby technicians who handle any issue that pops up immediately. Some businesses cannot afford to be offline even for a minute.

What to look for when rent an office
What to look for when rent an office Photo by Sean Pollock

Break Rooms

Being cooped up in the office can take a toll on your mind and body. A good office building should have enough break rooms to cater for everyone’s needs. There should be enough chairs for relaxing and enough space for stretching legs. 

A break room that has a door leading outside is even better. Taking in fresh air without having to go out of the building is convenient. There should also be a big enough dining area that can accommodate a substantial number of people at once.


Tight security is mandatory. Offices are places where expensive equipment like printers, scanners, and computers are stored. All these are vital for the daily operations of a business. If they were to be vandalized or stolen, they could cripple the enterprise.

The office building has to have ample security starting from the entrance, all the way to the floors with CCTV cameras everywhere. Biometric security scanners are the safest way of keeping threats at bay, any office that has that should be considered.

Room for Expansion

Businesses always grow. You may start with a small office space, and a year down the line, you have expanded. There should be room available for you to move into if you end up needing a bigger office. 

You could be forced to move to another floor, as long as it does not interfere with your convenience, then go for it. Go for a lease that is flexible enough to allow you to move at a moment’s notice.


The quality of the office furniture has to be the best, especially when you are paying top dollar in rent. What most offices do is buy the same furniture types for every space. There is a chance you may not like them. Some landlords allow people to bring some of their own chairs with them.

Moving in with your own furniture will cost you more, but it is a small price to pay for comfort. Some people get attached to furniture they have been using for long, so they relocate along with them to new offices. It could be a cabinet for example. It may be worn out and in need of new hinges, but you cannot let it go. If that is the case, visit and get all the help you need to fix that. 

Have a Contingency Plan

Sometimes things don’t work out even when you do your diligence. You could scout out a new place for office space only to realize it cannot work for you a week later. Having a plan B for such situations is important. It would help if you were ready to move on to a new location as fast as you can to avoid disrupting the flow of your business. 

Under no circumstance should you take a long break in the name of looking for a new office space. Plan in advance, have two or three other locations lined up in case the one you choose does not work.


An office space should conform to and measure up to your standards since you are paying for it. Please do not settle for anything less or brush off any concerns you may have; they may come back to bite you later. Most importantly, remember to read the fine print of your lease to avoid surprises and traps.

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