Dramatic footage shows driver lose control after his wheel “buckles” on busy A road


JAW-dropping video shows the moment a driver begins swerving across a busy A road after his wheel “buckles”.

The clip, taken on the A19 to South Shields, Tyne and Wear, shows the car driving erratically in the inside lane.

Despite flashing his hazard lights, the driver failed to pull over and was seen driving for more than a mile in the unstable condition on 9 July.

As the clip begins, the silver Volkswagen is seen swaying in the distance as filmed from a car behind.

As the vehicle approaches the Volkswagen, it appears to get more erratic, occasionally crossing lanes.

The car’s hazard lights flash as the driver struggles desperately to keep control of the vehicle.

Its wheels can be heard screeching and the people filming laugh in disbelief.

Car loses control A19
The car was seen swerving wildly across lanes. (Image: Sandhaven Car Sales)

At several points, the Volkswagen comes dangerously close to the crash barrier before managing to swerve out of the way.

As the car approaches a 40mph limit, the driver loses control and moves on to the slip road.

A person can be heard in the clip saying: “F****** hell” as the driver continues to wrestle with the vehicle until he approaches the roundabout and slows down and gets control of the car.

The unbelievable scene was uploaded the next day to Facebook by Sandhaven Car Sales captioned with: “One a little close to home heading towards South Shields.

Driver loses control of car on A19
The silver Volkswagen kept driving in the state for at least a mile (Image: Sandhaven Car Sales)

“People say the driving in London is bad. You should see this.”

The terrifying footage has prompted condemnation from social media users.

Stu Young wrote under the post: “Thick as pig s***.”

Emma-Jane Kerry added: “Why keep driving? Pull over.”

Andy Hiles said: “F**** d**.”

Driver loses control on A19
Social media users condemned the driver for not stopping.

A spokesman for Sandhaven Car Sales said today (Mon): “It was shocking.

“You can see the two wheels at the back have buckled.

“He’s handling the car incredibly well. He is managing to control it well, but he shouldn’t be driving it.

“It’s probably a write-off the car.”

A spokesman for Northumbria Police said: “We are aware of footage circulating on social media showing a damaged car being driven recklessly on Leam Lane near South Shields last week.

“We would ask the occupant concerned to contact police on 101 quoting log 874 100720.”

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