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XTRgate Review – Is Peace of Mind Attainable When You Trade Online With XTRgate?


Trading is easy, and at the same time, it is not easy at all. The most important thing you have to understand as a trader is that trading is not about luck.

At the same time, there are no shortcuts in trading. If you are told by an online broker that you can make millions within a few months by trading a particular asset, the broker is lying to you.

In fact, any broker that tells you such a thing is not a real broker at all. You are probably dealing with a fake broker or in other words, a scam that is thinking about looting your money by showing you dreams of being rich and a millionaire.

The problem with today’s online trading industry is that it is growing so fast that people have not been able to pace with it.

All of a sudden, when you go online you find that there are hundreds and thousands of brokers that you can start your trading career with.

More importantly, you now have a completely different group of brokers – this particular group is all about cryptocurrency trading.

Yes, you have many different types of brokers, but cryptocurrency brokers are meant for modern traders who want to make money off cryptocurrency trading. And that’s where XTRgate comes in.

When you are a new to trading, you just can’t seem to trust anything that you see online. Everything sounds fake to you or too good to be true.

However, it is brokers like XTRgate that make a lot of things a reality for many traders who are trading for the first time. So, if you sign up with this broker, will you have peace of mind? Let’s look at this XTRgate review to find out.

Introducing XTRgate – A Pure Cryptocurrency Broker

The first thing that you have to admire about this broker is that it is all about cryptocurrency trading.

As mentioned above, the world of online trading has expanded at a very great pace and many traders from around the globe are still trying to match their pace with this speedy development.

You will not find brokers that offer you not only different assets in a variety of financial markets, but many financial instruments as well. For example, you might be able to trade bonds, ETFs, CFDs, and options with the same online broker and using the same trading platform.

That was something you could not have thought of doing in the past. However, when you have so many brokers, you have many jack of all trades and masters of none.

Yes, many of these brokers are providing you with a lot of options of trading, but they don’t specialize in anything. That’s when you have to look at a broker like XTRgate.

This broker has chosen only one niche, and rightly so. The broker has created platform for traders who are looking for cryptocurrency trading and a solid career in trading digital coins without owning them at all.

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Yes, you have to keep in mind that when trading CFDs, you won’t own the asset that you trade on the trading platform.

XTRgate and Your Information

There is something you will admire about this broker no matter which feature you are looking at. So, the first concern for you whether you are a new trader or an experienced one is the security of your information.

You know by now that you have to provide information of sensitive nature when you sign up with online brokers. Firstly, you will have to provide the broker information about your identification.

How will you provide this information to the broker? Well, there are many ways to do that.

You will have to provide information about your identity card, passport, driver’s license, or anything that works in your country as proof of your identity.

You have to make sure that you use a document or piece of card that the government of your country recognizes as proof of your identity. In addition to that, you will have to provide information about your physical address. you can do that with the help of utility bills.

Lastly but most importantly, you will have to provide the information of your credit or debit card by providing the brokers with the pictures.

You will take pictures with your smartphone or scan the card to send the pictures from the front and the back of the card. Without that, you cannot sign up with the broker.

Now, when you are providing information of this nature, you want it to be as safe as possible.

You don’t want to hear your broker telling you that it does not have the latest standards in place to protect your information, and that’s something you will not have to hear when you sign up with this broker. Your information is yours, and no one else should have access to it.

The broker has SSL certificates installed on its website to ensure that your information is accessible to you only. At the same time, the information you provide will not be shared with any third parties without your consent.

AML and KYC Policy from XTRgate

Some traders even hate the broker for these particular policies. Well, the reality is that when the broker has these policies in place, it will ask every trader for a lot of information. That’s for the broker to make sure that the person signing up on the platform is the same person who is providing all the credit card and banking information.

You might not like the idea of providing your personal information to the broker, but when you realize that that’s the only way to protect yourself from getting scammed online, you will not have any problem in providing your information.

At the same time, the broker ensures that a trader is not able to withdraw money on any other card or bank account than the one which was used by the trader at the time of making the deposit.

So, when you sign up with this broker, you have to make sure that you provide all this information correctly so the broker can identity you and someone who is using your stolen information to sign up on the platform for laundering money or some other purposes for that matter.

XTRgate and Your Money Deposits

So, when you open an account with an online broker, you are literally preparing to put money in the hands of an entity that is not located in your country. Even the headquarters of the broker might not be located in your country.

In other words, you don’t even know how the broker is other than the website of the broker. So, depositing money in this scenario is not easy.

However, you will be glad to know that the broker has all the protocols in place even in this area. When you deposit your money, you will have peace of mind that it is going into separate accounts.

If you look at the online financial industry, you will realize that it is quite important for brokers to keep your money separate from their money. You can be proud that you are signing up with a broker that takes care of your money and your interests by following the strictest guidelines of the industry.

On the other hand, if you see a broker giving you excuses only to prove that putting your money in separate accounts is not important, you want to escape this broker as soon as possible.

Your Basic Account with XTRgate

You will not find many brokers online that will make you happy about signing up with a basic account. There are many ways for brokers to discourage their traders from signing up with basic accounts.

They want their traders to sign up with these advanced accounts because it gives them the chance to make instant money from the trader. How does that happen?

Well, when you sign up with an advanced account, you have to make a big deposit in your account to activate it. As a result, the broker makes more money right away than it would if a trader signed up with a basic account.

Now, at this point, you don’t have to think about yourself only. Millions of traders from around the world are looking for brokers on the internet every single day.

When only a few hundreds traders sign up with the broker with its advanced accounts, the broker ends up making hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, when you sign up with XTRgate, you will notice that you are getting a lot with your basic account as well. That’s something that makes this broker very unique.

It is giving you quite an opportunity of trading and making money irrespective of the account type you sign up with.

The basic account, when you look at it on the website, is an account that you can open with only a small amount of 1000 EUR. With such a small amount, you will have access to the cryptocurrency market, which is the most lucrative market right now for people who want to trade and make money.

When you sign up with the basic account, you will have access to the education center where you can learn everything that is there to know about cryptocurrency trading.

You will be glad that you are learning with the broker, who knows what it is teaching and how the trader learns everything.

You will also be receiving a daily market review when you sign up with the basic account. The best thing is that you will be able to participate in the webinars.

In these webinars, you are learning in real-time from the experts who have been in trading for many years.

They can teach you everything about cryptocurrency and all the strategies you need to trade successfully in the cryptocurrency market even when the conditions seem dark and bleak.

When you participate in webinars, you can even ask question from the trainers. That’s something you don’t get to enjoy when you choose to learn trading through ebooks or even pre-recorded videos.

Your Advanced Account with XTRgate

Will you feel any different when you sign up with this broker with an advanced account? Is there anything that you get with the advanced account that you don’t get with the basic account?

Well, you will be surprised to know that XTRgate is one of the online brokers who truly understand what online trading accounts are all about. When you sign up with an advanced account from this broker, you will feel different and you will also feel that you are being treated specially.

For example, there are many things that you will see in your account features that are not even available to a trader with the basic account.

Take a look at the trading signals that come with a silver, gold, or platinum account. These trading signals can play a crucial role in helping you trade successfully.

They provide you with a signal on whether you should by the cryptocurrency you are interested in or sell it.

You can combine your knowledge with the trading signal and make successful trades. Do keep in mind that using your own knowledge is extremely important in trading if you want to remain successful.

These tools are there for your help only. They can never guarantee that you are going to make money from a trade.

Your Assets with XTRgate

How many cryptocurrencies can you trade with your broker? If you have been researching on the internet, you must know that online brokers are not very willing to provide you with cryptocurrency trading right now.

Many brokers are looking for their safety and that’s why they are not giving access to their traders to this lucrative market.

Even if they give access to their traders, they have some really strict restrictions for the traders. If the broker sees that a trader can make a huge loss for the broker by taking a particular position, the broker will ban that position.

However, you will not face such restrictions when you sign up with a broker like XTRgate. This broker gives you access to the cryptocurrency market without contaminating the essence of it.

If you like cryptocurrency trading, you are going to love trading with XTRgate. First of all, you have a variety of assets that you can access when you are on the trading platform of this broker.

You can trade not only Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the biggest cryptocurrencies you can trade today. You can also trade other cryptocurrencies like Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Litecoin.

As time passes, you will see this broker adding more assets to the index. Right now, you have half a dozen cryptocurrencies that you can trade with this broker.

After some months, you might see some more cryptocurrencies coming on the trading platform.

You can trade these cryptocurrencies with the broker without owning them and make money by using the many facilities that the broker is providing you with in the form of trading tools, trading signals, charts, and indicators.

The XTRgate’s Trading Platform You Can Admire

Is the trading platform from this broker any special? Will you feel like you are on a special trading platform when you sign up with this broker?

Yes, you will definitely feel that you are being treated like a special trader when you sign up with this broker because of the trading platform you are getting access to.

You want to trade on your personal computer, you will not have to go anywhere. This trading platform will work on your personal computer and provide you access to the cryptocurrency market with ease. Use the tools you can and your knowledge to make money on trading from the comfort of your home.

But what if you are looking to trade on your laptop or tablet? Of course, you can’t carry your personal computer with you when you go somewhere.

If you are a traveler, you definitely need something that gives you access to the cryptocurrency market from anywhere you are. So, that’s where the mobile application from the broker will come in handy.

Whether you are using a tablet or laptop, you will have the trading platform with you wherever you go. You can also download the trading platform on your smartphone.

You don’t even have to worry about the operating system you have on your phone or the company from which you have purchased the phone. This trading platform will work greatly on any device of any size.

If you have an iPhone, you will use the application that has been designed specifically for the iPhone. If you love Android phones, you will be able to use the trading platform on your Android phone without any issues.

That’s something you can only expect from a great broker like XTRgate.

The Trading Education You Will Learn From

Isn’t all type of education for learning? When you sign up with some other broker and get access to its training material, won’t you be learning then? The reality is that you will be learning with just about any online broker.

Every broker provides you with access to some training material that teaches you how trading works and how you can make money trading.

However, the problem with most online brokers is that they don’t ever update the information in their education centers.

They have old ebooks and videos that they have been using for many years. When you learn from them, you learn techniques that have already become old.

More importantly, some of these brokers have training material from decades ago when the cryptocurrency market did not even exist.

So, if you are looking forward to learning how cryptocurrency trading works, you are not going to learn much from them. In fact, you are not going to learn anything from their training material because it offers you nothing on cryptocurrency trading.

On the other hand, you have a broker like XTRgate, which provides you access to the latest and freshest training material on cryptocurrency trading.

Yes, you will learn about cryptocurrency trading in specific, not trading in general. The knowledge you get from the training material of this broker will be applicable in your trading career as well.

The best thing is that you can choose to learn the way you want. If you like to learn at a slow pace because you have a million other things to do, you can go with ebooks. If you like fast learning, you can go with videos.

If you like to learn from the best teachers in real-time, you are going to love the webinars from this broker. These webinars are conducted by some of the best trading experts.

They can tell you a lot about cryptocurrencies, how cryptocurrency trading works, and the many strategies that can help you with your cryptocurrency trading career.

Ease of Banking with XTRgate

Banking has been made easy with this broker. Banking might seem like a no big deal to you as a new trader, but there are brokers who will make your life difficult when it comes to withdrawing money and depositing funds in your account.

They don’t provide you with safe methods to deposit money and when it comes to withdrawing, they will tell you about so many charges and commissions that you will choose to keep your money in your account.

You will not face such a scenario when you sign up with XTRgate. You can deposit money in your account using your credit card.

You can also transfer money through bank wire. You will not have to pay any unnecessary commissions or hidden charges on your banking. Most importantly, the broker is there to help you 24/6 with any questions that you might have about banking.

Final Thoughts

There are many online brokers for you to choose from today, but not all brokers are like XTRgate.

This broker has dedicated its trading platform to cryptocurrency trading and if you are someone specifically interested in trading digital coins, you should definitely consider signing up with it.

You can visit the website of the broker for more information about how it works, what trading platform you will get access to, and what features you will enjoy with different accounts. At the end, the decision is for you to make.

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