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Converting Your PDF Files To Images With PDF Bear 



Some people prefer to have their notes or study materials in their photo album or camera roll than to have them as a PDF file. Sometimes, PDF file format is not compatible with some devices.


It can also be a PDF file that you want to display or post on a website where visitors can view your site as an image. Instead of just putting a PDF file that will just redirect viewers to another site, you can only display it on one page. For this, you are going to need to convert your PDF file into a JPG file format.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

If you search in your browser’s search bars, many online converter tools will appear, and this will be challenging for you to figure out which one is the best. If you’re looking for a website with an accessible PDF converter tool, then you might want to check out PDF Bear. They offer their services free and for an affordable price.

Everything You Need To Know About PDF Bear

With PDF Bear’s excellent PDF to JPG converter tool, you can finish your conversion quickly. You don’t need to undergo a complicated process to convert your files. Even if you’re uploading multiple documents at a time, the conversion will still complete quickly.


PDF Bear ensures that you will have a safe experience in using their tools. After you have uploaded your documents and images for conversion and editing on their website, they will disappear from their website for good. They have a 128-BIT SSL connection so that your materials will be safe.


PDF Bear’s tools and services can be accessed wherever you are and whichever devices you use. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and even Android devices.


Besides the .jpg file format, you will also be allowed to convert your PDF files into BMP, GIF, TIFF, and PNG file formats, so you don’t need to look for or download another online tool or software.

Is PDF Bear’s PDF to JPG Converter Tool Free?

Yes, anyone can use PDF Bear’s tool for free, but you must keep in mind that there will be limited use of the free version. You don’t need to worry since PDF Bear also has an affordable and budget-friendly membership subscription. They offer both monthly and yearly subscriptions.


If you are interested in subscribing to their plans, PDF Bear will give their new subscribers free trial so that in case they decide to cancel their subscription. Their money will be refunded as long as it withdrew during the free trial period.

How to Use The PDF to JPG Converter Tool

When you head to their site, lists of PDF tools will appear. You need to look for the PDF to JPG tool and click it. A blue box where you can select or drop your documents is the first thing you will see, then below it is the instructions that you can follow.


The first thing that you should do is to select your documents using that tool. You may choose more than one PDF document if you wish to. After you have chosen your materials, you need to wait for the JPG conversion to complete. PDF Bear will make sure that your converted images will have a high quality.


After the conversion completes, you can start downloading or saving your new JPG files to your computer or your device. You may also upload or share these files to your Cloud, such as Dropbox and Google Drive.


Online PDF converter tools help a lot of people, whether they are a student, a professor, or an employee. With this kind of modern technology, everything we do with it completes just a few clicks.


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