WWII Japanese samurai sword up for auction


A Katana samurai sword that was issued as a war trophy to a sergeant who took part in the re-occupation of Malaya during the Second World War is going up for auction.

The blade, signed with character marks, was issued to a Sgt Troth of the 23rd Infantry Brigade, is expected to fetch up to £1,000 at Fellows Auctioneers.

Katana samurai sword - Deadline News/Business News
A Katana samurai sword up for auction

The 23rd Infantry Brigade participated in the Battle of Singapore in 1942, a Battle that resulted in the largest British surrender in history.

The sword features as Lot 502 in Fellows’ Antiques, Silver & Collectables sale, with an estimate of £500 – £800.

The Katana is likely to be an antique blade re-issued for use during the Second World War.

WW2 samurai sword auction - Deadline News/Business News
The blade, signed with character marks, was issued to a Sgt Troth of the 23rd Infantry Brigade.

The Japanese collectable is to be sold with a military issued paper docket, detailing that this item was assigned to Sgt Troth, dated 24th October 1945.

It features an elegant bronze cast (tsuba), and its original saya (scabbard) is included.

Kevin Jackson, Auctioneer and Antiques Specialist from Fellows, said: “This Japanese katana is one of the rarest and most fascinating samurai swords I have ever seen.

“The provenance behind the item, being issued as a trophy to such a significant individual during the Second World War, ensures this lot should be top of any antique collector’s wish list.

The auction closes on Monday 27th July.

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