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5 Reasons You Need To Consider Youtube For Healthcare Marketing


YouTube, over the past twenty years, has emerged not just as a video hosting website for
one of the world’s largest social networks, but spread its arms to other fields as well. Every
brand has found YouTube to be amongst the most effective marketing tools, regardless of
what industry, sector, or field they belong to.

Videos hosted on YouTube are easily discoverable on Google and turn up earlier in search
results. This increases the viewership as well as the user base of the brand. In marketing, the ability to be identified forms a significant part of the marketing strategy, and videos increase this specific capability of the brand significantly.

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Healthcare brands can also make significant use of YouTube to further the cause of their
brand and greatly expand their user base through a marketing strategy. Video marketing
through YouTube has gathered a great amount of pace in the previous years, and healthcare companies can use the increased viewership of YouTube to their advantage by pulling this viewership to their videos. Here are five reasons healthcare companies must consider.

YouTube for marketing.

1. The digital audience: Since the advent of YouTube, but not just due to YouTube, a
significant majority of the populace that is likely to consume the content healthcare
marketing constitutes has gone digital. Everyone has a smartphone in their hands,
with access to YouTube and other content available on the internet. A significant
amount of professional work is now done online on computer systems or laptops.

The viewership of YouTube has been increasing continuously, particularly in
emerging economies and developing countries. With the internet reaching the palm
of every hand, the internet has also become the first source for people to search for
healthcare-related information. Even before going to the doctor, people search for
symptoms or often even opt for online consultations. Online pharmacies have come
up in the last five years, where people can simply upload their prescriptions and
have important medicines delivered to their houses. This digital shift presents
significant opportunities for healthcare companies to move their marketing activities

2. Content Opportunities: The content that you can develop for YouTube has
innumerable capabilities in terms of what its limits can be. Online content is not
limited by a number of constraints that offline content suffers from. Offline
marketing tools can be constrained by size, pricing, word count, or even space.
However, online content is not limited by any of these constraints. Particularly in
videos, a number of tools such as audio, animation, stickers, calls to action and much
more are available for the perusal of the video maker as well as the video editor,
which enable them to help the video truly stand out from the crowd of videos
available on YouTube. Furthermore, if the video you are posting is created and
posted according to the rules of search engine optimization, your user base can be increased significantly since the video that you have created appears earlier in
Google search results as well as YouTube search results.

3. Hooks: Hooks are video devices that captivate your audience and keep them
attached to the video until the end. It is prudent to note here that a large number of
marketing videos that are posted on YouTube are in the form of ads. Any online or
offline ad creator software may be used in order to create the video and post it to
YouTube. YouTube offers most users the capability to skip ads after five seconds,
which is convenient if the user wishes to skip to the video that he wishes to watch.
However, this presents a significant loss for the advertiser. Hence, it is important to
hook the user to watch the whole video. Furthermore, this needs to be done in the
first five seconds, before the user is able to skip. Healthcare marketers must keep in
mind the importance of the hook video device when making videos that are a part of
their marketing strategy. Very similarly, if you wish to post the given video on
Facebook or Twitter or even Instagram, it is important to hook your audience in the
first few seconds, before they skip.

4. Story Telling: The greatest USP of using videos as a marketing method is the ability
to tell and convey your story with ease and impact. Making videos can be really easy,
and editing them even easier through the YouTube editor.

The ease of making videos has become significantly high as the technology related to
video creation has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Video makes
a greater impact on the user than any other method of marketing since the user
does not need to put in as great an effort as he might when the marketing content is
textual or even sound. Videos can be used to convey the message with ease and
showcase the motive and values of your organization through the narration of

5. Organization Values: Video marketing is not just a method to make money online.
The other side of marketing deals with depicting the values and culture of your
organization through videos. Healthcare providers may wish to humanize their
organization in front of prospective customers, and videos are a very impactful way
of doing so. YouTube video can be used by organizations to represent their values
and what they wish to stand for. Videos can contain stories, employee testimonials,
patient testimonials or executive bytes which help explain to the viewer the values
of the organization.

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