Vile video shows mystery, masked trespasser confronted for pooing behind garden shed


THIS is the moment a mystery, masked man was chased out of a garden after being caught taking a poo behind a garden shed.

Jayden Maclennan, 19, from Dingwall in the Scottish Highlands posted the video to Twitter on Friday (24th) showing the opportunist running away from his mess.

The man was spotted wandering into the back garden by Jayden’s mum who spotted him through the window.

Jayden filmed himself confronting the embarrassed trespasser who is stood right next to a pile of faeces.


Jayden caught the culprit at the scene of the mess- Video Viral News Scotland


Jayden can be heard saying: “What you doing you f***** clown, you just took a s** in my garden you freak.”

The accused man responded to apologise, saying: “I’m sorry I’ll clean it up.”

The man then approaches Jayden to which he says: “Here if you come anywhere near me.”

The man replies: “I’m sorry.” And starts to run out of the garden with Jayden behind him.

Jayden says: “Look at the state of you.” Jayden follows the man down his driveway making sure he leaves the property.

The masked man then says: “There was no other place, I’m so sorry.” before turning around and running down the street.

Jayden then begins to see the funny side as he says giggling: “Look at him running, that’s f***** exceptional oh my god.”

The masked man makes a run for it - Video Viral news Scotland
The masked man makes a run for it as Jayden followed to make sure he left.

The video posted to snapchat originally was captioned: “What the actual f** just had some s**** c* take a s** in my garden, never seen this c** in my life.”

The video has been viewed over 600 thousand times on Twitter and has been liked nearly 15 thousand times.

Jayden posted the video with the caption:” Anybody know who just landed a s**** behind my shed?”

 The masked man makes a dash  for the bus - Video Viral News Scotland
 The masked man makes a dash for the bus

Twitter users saw the funny side too as @rabbrown69 commented: “Not one mention of him not wiping his a***? Imagine sitting next to him on the bus.”

@Rennie_leasa wrote: “He’s got the cheek to be wearing a face mask too, hope he’s not wearing white boxers.”

@AnrewE62646560 added: “When you’ve got to go, you got to go!”

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