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The NHS Estimates that 1 in Every 10 British Men Suffer from Sexual Health Issues: Drinking is a Major Concern


The National Health Service (NHS) estimates that 1 out of every 10 men in the UK is suffering from sexual health problems. The issues vary in their frequency and distribution, depending on the age group, but it isn’t uncommon for any man to experience sexual health problems at any age. While that in itself isn’t really a reason to worry, the long-term effects of common contributing factors such as drinking alcohol are somewhat concerning.

Not All Sexual Health Issues Are Treated

It should be noted that erectile dysfunction treatments and treatments for other sexual problems are not always sought after by the affected men. What this means is that the actual number of men suffering from sexual issues is possibly much higher than 1 in 10, but the surveys cannot include data they do not have.

When diagnosed in time though, erectile dysfunction treatments are available today to completely cure the underlying cause, or to at least manage it to the point where it ceases to be a problem.

Research find that one in ten men suffer from sexual problems
Research find that one in ten men suffer from sexual problems. Photo by Charles Deluvio

Alcohol is Creating and Worsening Sexual Health Problems

Excessive drinking can be both a temporary and a permanent cause of erectile dysfunction. Scientific research supports the theory that not only can alcohol make men lose their sexual potency temporarily, but it also plays a very significant role in the permanent lowering of libido as well.

Men who drink heavily on a regular basis, as well as weekend bingers, are susceptible to permanent/irreversible loss of sexual intensity. The effects will vary, depending on factors such as:

  • Age (It becomes worse after 40)
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • The frequency of alcohol consumption
  • The amount of alcohol consumed per session
  • The length of time for which such a lifestyle is continued
  • The nature of the alcohol consumed most commonly

In addition to the direct effects of alcohol on men’s sexual health, alcohol can also be an indirect and more dangerous cause for ED. Studies also link excess alcohol consumption to increased chances of diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer, all of which have also been found to be hidden causes behind lowered sexual performance and potency in men.

Alcohol Can Inhibit the Efficacy of Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Men should be extra careful and aware of drug interactions with alcohol while on tadalafil (sold as Cialis mostly) or sildenafil (Popularly known as Viagra). The drug and alcohol can interact, causing dangerous side effects, which can lead to anything from hearing or vision loss to ventricular arrhythmias leading to deadly heart attacks. Additionally, alcohol can also prolong or nullify effects of the medication, leading to undesirable and unexpected side effects such as priapism.

There Are Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatments that Most Men are Not Aware Of

Perhaps the biggest issue with maintaining men’s fertility is not as much about the various problems themselves, as it is about awareness. Viagra is the brand name for a drug called sildenafil, but the brand name is just about the only name most people know about regarding erectile dysfunction treatments. In reality, though, the options are much wider. For example, Cialis (tadalafil) is a better fit for a lot of people who cannot take Viagra (sildenafil) for medical reasons, but the men who can benefit from that knowledge may not even be aware of the options they have.

Maintaining Privacy While Treating Sexual Health Issues is Possible

Embarrassment is found to be the number one reason why men from all age groups refuse to see an expert. That, however, should not be a problem since there are online options available today. seeks to defy the stereotypes about men’s sexual health issues and provide them with both the essential information about various male sexual health problems and access to the treatments for erectile dysfunction which they need.

Buying OTC Viagra or Cialis without knowing anything about their side effects and possible interactions with alcohol or other medications can be very dangerous. Manual offers a much safer and more private option for men in the UK to seek medical advice from licensed doctors and find solutions for ED and other associated sexual health problems.

Diagnosing the reason behind ED or any other similar issues could also be the key to diagnosing underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, prostatitis, neurological conditions and heart disease, to name just a few. Men who refuse to acknowledge and seek treatment in time could also end up endangering their respective lives in the process.

Sexual impotence is not just a condition, but often a symptom of other underlying diseases as well. On choosing to rely on sildenafil or tadalafil without proper medical diagnosis and supervision, there is the chance of ending up creating a deadly situation unwittingly.

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