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How to choose the perfect wedding car


If you type the phrase, ‘wedding cars’ into Google then prepare to be overwhelmed with choice for your big day, from classic and traditional limousines and vintage cars through to the downright wacky and unusual London buses and 1960s camper vans.

Even if you think you have settled on a style or design that you like, the choice can still seem overwhelming and if you haven’t been married before then this is all new territory.  Here are some questions and considerations to help you narrow down the field and make the right choice – by Bride and Groom Wedding Invitations.

Wedding car
Photo by Thomas AE on Unsplash
  • Always view the car you intend to hire, never hire unseen, at the very least there could be a feature about the car which you just don’t like in the flesh or which doesn’t work for you and at the very worst, you could fall victim to a costly scam and be left high and dry on your big day
  • If you go to an official hire company then you may be able to view more than one car which is nice for choice and comparison
  • Think about your dress in terms of the car and the size of both the seats and the doors. Will you dress even fit through?  It can be helpful if you actually sit down in your final dress fitting and see how comfortable it is and how voluminous the material is.  If the first time you sit down in the dress is when you get into the wedding car to leave for the ceremony then you could have a big shock
  • You need to be able to enter and exit the car with a degree of elegance so the size of the doors, the depth of the seats and how the doors open which varies depending on make and model, are all factors to consider. Remember, if you don’t have far to travel then you can slightly perch more towards the edge of the seat which can make it more comfortable in a big dress and, easier to get out
  • Consider the seatbelts which may or may not be fitted depending on the style and age of the vehicle; this can affect how far back you need to sit in the car
  • Review your colour scheme, perhaps not your dress which is unlikely to be in a colour or shade which will clash with the car but your flowers and also the bridesmaid’s dresses as the car will feature in lots of the wedding photographs
  • Choose a car which either stands out and which may be part of your wedding theme like a vintage 1950s American car or a 60’s style VW camper van in bright colours or, a car which is quite neutral. Most of the classic cars are in fairly subtle and uncontroversial shades. If you are opting for something very bright and vibrant then those colours have got to work with anyone and anything that appears in the photographs
  • Ask whether you can put flowers in the car – some florists will provide a small bouquet or arrangement for the back ledge
  • Will the company provide any decoration or ribbon? You might need to supply the ribbon if you want a particular colour to match your theme or help them source the right shade
  • Don’t forget the bridal party. The bridesmaids and the bride’s mother will also require a car which is often in the same style as the bride’s vehicle and there needs to be one seat spare in this to take the bride’s father or whoever gives her away, to the wedding reception.  He will have arrived at the church or Register Office in the bride’s car but will his space will be taken by the groom after the ceremony and on the way to the reception
  • If you are going a long distance either to the church or Register Office or between there and the reception then a modern vehicle might end up being a better option. If it’s very hot then you will be glad of the air conditioning – having the top down on a vintage vehicle can play havoc with hairstyles and makeup even on a relatively still day
  • If you are planning a winter wedding then remember that vintage cars do not normally have traction control or four-wheel drive features and so even a fairly gentle slope can become a challenge in the snow and ice. Most vintage cars do not have any heaters fitted, they never did, although this is a question you can ask when you go and view the car as some have been modified.  So it could be a cold trip, not a problem if the journey is short but potentially quite uncomfortable if you are travelling for longer and you will also find that the windows will steam up with condensation as there will be no obvious way to clear it
  • If budget is tight, ask whether the company will consider a discount if you promote their cars on some of your wedding stationery such as the invitations and the menus – this can be done very tastefully with just a nice drawing or photo of the car and a discrete website address.

How to find the right wedding car company

Unless you have spotted a vintage car or a car you like at someone else’s wedding then social media can be a good source of local car hire businesses in your area.  You can post either in a local community group or on dedicated wedding pages both of which will yield lots of recommendations and suggestions both nearby and further afield.

Always choose a reputable company with an established and professional reputation – remember, you could be booking a couple of years’ ahead so you want the business to still be in operation when you get to the big day.  Look out for the logo for the National Association of Wedding Professionals.

It is always best to plan ahead particularly with summer weddings as vintage and classic cars and limousines are popular for other events and proms so there is always plenty of demand for the best vehicles.  Nice cars book up years ahead and if you have to look further afield for the right style of car then this can cost you when it comes to paying the bill.

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