“The street has been truly Hinched” – Man captured cleaning up street with vacuum cleaner


BIZARRE footage shows a man going the extra mile to keep his street clean by using an electric vacuum cleaner on a section of pavement.

The unusual clip shows the man using a Henry Hoover branded vacuum cleaner on a street in Coventry, West Midlands.

The device can be seen plugged into a nearby building as the man nonchalantly cleans the area outside a nearby building.

The strange scene is thought to have taken place on Saturday and was later uploaded to social media.

The short clip begins with the man moving backwards and forwards with the suction pipe extended of the vacuum cleaner.

He can be seen intently cleaning the pavement, before exchanging a few words with someone in the street.

He continues to move around the street, thoroughly vacuuming the area as baffled pedestrians pass him by.

Man vacuuming street Coventry
The man was spotted using a Henry Hoover on the street

The Henry Hoover wire can be seen lying on the floor and coming from the house suggesting it is working.

The man can then be seen finishing up the pavement near the house before moving further up the and out of sight.

All the while, a woman can be heard giggling in the background as the clip is filmed.

The hilarious video was shared on viral Facebook page Spotted Coventry with the caption: “Such miracles only in Coventry.”

Man vacuuming street Coventry
Passersby seemed a little perplexed

It has since been viewed tens of thousands of times and has earned the man praise from social media users.

Tru Say wrote under the post: “That’s funny but, at the same time fair play to him.

“At least he cares and doesn’t want to live in an unclean environment.”

Jane Thomas joked referring to cleaning expert Mrs Hinch: “The street has been truly Hinched. Love it.”

And Ian Ludford added: “Praise that man. He’s got pride.”

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