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FinexArena Review – A Refined Broker to Consider


Technology has continued to evolve and infiltrate several industries; including the financial industry. Because of this, the financial attention has enjoyed an eruption of attraction due to the advent of digital trading. This industry has experienced several projects which continue to develop with time. These projects are all being developed to expand the financial market to accommodate the financial need and goals of every trader around the world.

This has been successful so far as many money-making opportunities can be found in the trading world. These trading opportunities are available to be taken advantage of by every trader. As many people take part in these opportunities, their bank accounts are bound to get fatter and there are so many ways to access these markets as there are little to no barriers to enter the industry.

This type of trading is very convenient and profitable too as many people that take a chance in this market. One can even keep up their day jobs while getting a second revenue by trading online. There is a catch, though. Whether you are just entering the market for the first time or you’ve been in the financial industry for some time and gained a level experience, you have to get yourself a broker.

The importance of the right online broker cannot be overemphasized. An online broker is your partner in the financial industry. They act as a link to various markets with the trading platforms they provide. In addition to this, they make several trading tools available to traders to carry out their trades successfully and get as much returns as is possible.

With the great attraction that online trading got in recent years, online brokers began to emerge in every part of the financial industry until the market was teeming with hundreds of them. While this made getting a broker easier, it also made it difficult to choose. The importance of finding a broker you can feel safe with is paramount. So many emerging online brokers are only able to make tall promises but cannot deliver on any of the promises. At the end of the day, traders lose their funds and may even end up being victims of cyber-attacks on the platforms.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

The financial industry is filled with many scammers posing as online brokers. These scammers offer enticing bonuses and packages to lure in unsuspecting traders and at the end of it all, traders are left with regrets and discouraged from trading any further. This is why any broker you choose to partner with needs to be checked out in advance.

The features of an online broker are important as they make it clear if they are the right fit for you. Some online brokers are better suited for new traders in the industry while there are traders that cater best to traders who have been in the industry for some time. Whichever category you fall into, your chosen broker must offer you excellent services that will help you maximize profits in every trade you embark on.

However, the vast number of online brokers can make it look really difficult to find out what they are all about. This is why we have gone through all the trouble for you of finding online brokers that can help you achieve those financial goals you have set. One online broker that fits the bill is FinexArena. It is a name you are bound to hear in the forex and crypto trading markets.

This online broker started as a managing firm but was then developed into an excellent trading platform by traders who have garnered enough experience in the industry to be considered experts. Below is a detailed background check of this efficient online broker.

Detailed Background of FinexArena

FinexArena has not been long in the market as it was introduced two years ago. At the time, there was a demand for dependable online brokers that could deliver a safe trading platform where trades could be carried out successfully with several currency pairs as well as for cryptocurrencies. This platform was then launched to fulfill these needs and has been successfully doing this since day one of its emergence.

This platform is known for exceptional reviews by institutions and other investors who have given it a chance and discovered high profitability on its platform. It is a global platform that employs the use of high-tech instruments to further the goals of its clients. Customers are assured of cutting-edge tools that could be used to maximize trades while discovering new opportunities in the industry at the same time.

It is also known for its role as a major partner of the Fintech revolution around the world. It has continually updated its technology to be able to keep up with new trends. This is to ensure that traders on the platform are never put in a position where they have to miss out on any market due to a lack of assets. Its collection of assets is impressive and provides entry into hundreds of markets for traders.

When this online trading platform was released in 2018, a lot of people were skeptical about what this platform has to offer. This platform has a wide array of assets on display that investors can invest in. Their trading platform is also made of top-notch technology-packed full with technological tools to make trading much more convenient for traders.

This trading platform also became popular because of its ability to provide hundreds of products that give traders the option to either diversify in the financial industry or simply focus on a single market. Many traders however appreciate a platform that provides them with several trading assets as they prefer to diversify. Diversifying in different assets gives traders a chance to manage losses as they could earn profits from one asset market when the other begins to fail.

There is also the opportunity to choose different trading platforms by traders as this platform has different platforms which are all designed to be user friendly so that traders can easily navigate their way around the platform without help. Their different accounts make it possible for traders of different status and financial needs to be able to trade conveniently on the platform. Several other qualities make this platform stand out amongst the rest and we would be reviewing them in detail.

High-Tech Security Measures

FinexArena is a platform that realizes that a small crack in security can give way to hackers and cyber-attacks on the platform, They understand that the issue of security is a growing one as many platforms cannot assure traders of safety with them. The stories about traders who have been victims of cyber-attacks are never-ending and make traders wary of other platforms.

To efficiently tackle this, FinexArena came with top-notch technology in place to assert the safety of its customers’ funds and assets. Their authentication system is multi-layered and ensures that the accounts of traders are not hackable. In the event where hackers make it through all the security measures put in place, they would still not be able to make use of traders’ funds and information on the platform.

This platform has ensured that every data that is provided by customers is immediately encrypted with high-end technology. Traders can trade with relief that their funds will always be in safe hands with this online broker. Regulations are not a problem with this broker as they are completely regulated to keep them in line.

Another method this broker has used to ensure that traders’ funds are kept safe is that the funds of the traders are always kept safe and in a different account. This is to ensure that even in the case of bankruptcy, you still get your funds back. Their registration process is top-notch to ensure that hackers do not get into the platform through any method. Those who register on the platform have to provide identity proof.

The identity proof has to be from your government and you must also verify the address you provide on the platform by making available a bill or bank statement that verifies that your location is truly what it is. To also ensure that launderers do not get access to the platform, a clear photo of the credit card you want to use on the platform is required. Once you pass all these requirements, you are then allowed access to the platform. The security features are airtight to protect new clients and those clients already on the platform.

Variety of Trading Products

The assets an online broker can offer you is an important point to consider when choosing an online platform. An online broker that cannot provide you with a variety of instruments that you might want to trade with is not worth going through the trouble of registration with. Some trading platform also offers you varieties in products but then have little to nothing to offer when it all comes down to it.

Luckily for everybody, FinexArena is not one to make tall claims. They are focused on making sure that traders are always provided with everything they need to excel in the industry. To deliver on this, they have made provision for over 200 products that traders can make their choices from. As a link to several markets, FinexArena does quite well.

This trading platform has given traders access to Forex markets, traders have several currency pairs that they can choose from in investing. Minor currencies as well as major currencies are provided on the platform. A trader looking for rare currencies to invest in will not be disappointed on this platform as they are also made available.

In addition to this is the several major commodities that are available to be invested in on the platform. The stock market is also open to traders on this platform as well as indices, the varieties are endless. This online broker also recognizes that the crypto market is a thriving one and has made available about twenty-nine top coins that traders can invest in and get returns.

Those who prefer to trade with CFDs are also in luck as it is also provided on the platform. For those who wonder what this type of trading is, it is one of the popular methods of trading in the financial market. A trader who is trading CFD does not have to buy assets to have access to the market, he/she just needs to be good at making predictions. A trader predicts how the price of an asset will move in the market and purchase contracts based on this. Even though it is extremely difficult to predict prices, a lot of people are benefiting from CFDs.

However, traders on this platform can rest assured that a lot of tools to accurately predict these prices are provided on the platform. These tools will also help traders keep a lookout on the movement of their assets in the market and analysis of the changes in prices of assets.

Dynamic and Prompt Support Team

Issues are inevitable when trading in the financial industry, they are part of the natural order. It however becomes a problem when an issue arises and your online broker is not able to assist you with the problem. This can prove disadvantageous as traders might miss out on trading opportunities or lose out on a trade due to inadequate support.

This is easily avoided with you choose to trade with FinexArena. These platforms have put together a dynamic team that traders will thoroughly enjoy if they have any queries. These customer support teams are working round the clock every day to help each trader with their questions or issues. They manage to remain courteous while still providing traders with the answers they need.

These professional teams are easily contacted through the live chat on the platform. You can also explore their ‘contact us’ section to find several other ways that this online broker can be contacted in case of any problem. They are consistent and quick in their replies to their clients.

Diverse Depositing and Withdrawing modes

The idea is to make trading even more comfortable for customers. This is why FinexArena has made available different methods to carry out payments on the platform. This makes depositing comfortable and simple for those who want to make deposits. You can make use of credit cards in transactions or even an e-wallet if you desire.

There is also wire transfer made available on the platform for traders who prefer this option. These might take a longer period to confirm but just like the other methods, there are no deposit fees attached to all the methods.

Withdrawals also take place through the same modes and are confirmed within two weeks of the request for withdrawal being made. There is no fee taken for also making withdrawals on the platform. Credit card payments are immediate but just like making deposits, it takes a longer time to receive funds through bank transfer.

Variety of Account Choices

FinexArena understands the need for diversity as different traders might want to partner with this online broker. These traders have different backgrounds and financial status. Their goals in the financial industry are also different as well as their level of experience. This is why different accounts are available for every type of trader on the FinexArena platform.

  • $250 Account

This is the silver account and is the smallest account you can find on the platform. Clients who are just starting in the industry will be looking to start small before they can get a firm footing in the market. This is why this account is available with a little deposit of $250.  You can however increase the amount as much as you want till you reach the limit of $50,000. There is a bonus on the account as well as a personal manager. The trading signals are to a limited number on this account and you only get one personal session with an expert.

  • $10,000 Account

This is called the golden account because it is for traders who cannot be considered new in the market anymore. There are no limits to the trading signals on the platform. The account manager is executive and there is also an interest rate on the platform. The bonus percentage is higher and you also get five personal sessions with an expert.

  • $50,000 Account

This is an upgrade of the other accounts and clients who unlock this account need to have lots of experience in the industry. This account requires you to be willing to take more risks which only a trader who is experienced will be willing to take. The bonus is 100% on this account and there are no limits to the sessions you can have with a market expert. The interest on this account is also higher, that’s probably why this account is called the platinum account.

  • $250,000 Account

If you’re not a veteran in the industry, it is probably best that you steer clear of this account. This is because this account requires experienced risk-takers. There are so many tools unlocked by this account. The sessions are unlimited with several market expert and the interest rate is appealing. The trading signals are also endless and the bonus is far higher than other accounts. This account is the best of all the accounts available on the FinexArena platform.


There is no perfect trading platform out there. That is why you just have to find a platform with the right features and tools to help you achieve set goals with your trades. FinexArena is one platform you can’t go wrong with. There are so many resources a trader can explore to maximize trades. A platform that allows you trade with little to no problems is what FinexArena offers and that’s what traders need.

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