Hilarious photos show how dog was left bright blue for days after rolling in paint


Bessie with blue paint

HILARIOUS photos show how a dog was left bright blue for days after rolling in a load of paint.

Despite two washes, two-year-old Bessie was left a violent shade of turquoise for almost four days after the mishap on Friday.

The Bedlington-Whippet cross decided to roll on a canvas that had been left out to dry, resulting in the colourful new look.

Her owner, Sacha Barbato, 49, says the family got “funny looks” for days while out walking Bessie, as the colour refused to fade.

Bessie with blue paint

The photo shows Bessie looking sheepishly at the camera with her once white fur now a vibrant shade of blue.

Travel agent Sacha, who lives in Brandiston, Norfolk took to social media shortly after to appeal for help with the situation.

He posted the cheeky photo of Bessie, saying: “What do you do when your dog rolls in some acrylic paint and it will not come out after two washes? Asking for a friend.”

The photo of Bessie, which racked up more than 9,600 likes, prompted some hilarious suggestions from social media users.

Mary Gleeson said: “Pretend you’ve created a new breed and start selling the puppies?”

Brendan Glynn added: “Dip him in again and use as you would a roller.”

Bessie with owners
Bessie pre-paint job with owners Miranda and Nelle Barbato

And Melanie Wildman wrote: “This just made my day.”

He later added that his neighbour informed him the paint was oil-based, meaning Bessie’s new look would last a few more days yet.

He also confirmed that Bessie was fine, he said yesterday: “Bessie is happy and well. I have spoken to the vet and all is okay, no concerns and it is fading.”

Speaking today, he reported that the colour was finally beginning to subsiding.

Sacha said: “She was bright blue for two days but faded each day.

Bessie blue paint
Bessie’s coat began to fade after a few days thanks to some trips to the beach


“Day one was extreme as in the first shot which went viral.

“The family took her to the beach and apparently had lots of funny looks.

“You can imagine everyone thinking, ‘poor dog, why would they do that?’

“But we could not leave her at home, so we had to just style it out and roll with it.

“Bessie is well and absolutely fine.”

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