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3 records of Man United: Norwegian Solskjaer is better than Ferguson, De Gea excels Schmeichel, and the Red Devils are the best in England


How many times this season have the fans already exclaimed that Manchester United are not the same? We won’t know the exact number. But we know for how long Manchester United did not lose in all tournaments, how many times did not concede in the Premier League and how many penalties they scored in a single season!

The English Premier League is traditionally considered the most popular tournament in the world due to its high competition and a number of top-class players. And the most popular team in this league is traditionally considered Manchester United. It has been this way since Matt Busby. And the period of Sir Alex Ferguson has only strengthened this attitude towards the club.

So at one time, all sorts of records were trivial for the Red Devils. The situation changed after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013 when the team suffered a huge setback. After all, since then the team has won only 4 trophies, of which only one – international (Europa League in 2017 under Jose Mourinho).

Records of the 2019/20 season do not yet allow fans to proudly sing the club’s anthem under the windows of the neighbors, but they can definitely confirm that their club is gradually finding themselves – the one we knew under Ferguson.

Three oirwegians that play in the premier league that not many people know of
Photo by Thomas serer of footballers on a pitch in a crowded stadium

Record 1. Solskjaer is better than Ferguson

Yes, the statement is very loud and more than provocative. But judging by the number of undefeated matches in all tournaments, in fact it makes sense. The great Sir Alex is certainly great, and his 18-match unbeaten streak in 2013 deserves a standing ovation.

But the match of the 36th round of the 2019/20 EPL against Crystal Palace (a 2-0 victory) has updated this record. Now it is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who is the king of the Red Devils. He has 19 undefeated matches in all competitions. Alas, the series was interrupted in the FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea. The match was held at Wembley and ended with a 3-1 victory for the Blues.

We should mention that at the beginning of this year Solskjaer was the main candidate to leave Manchester United as a coach. It was logical because the team’s results were not satisfying. In Norway. He also became a subject of criticism among betting companies in the country. Some say that due to the souring relations with betting parlors and companies, also commonly known as bettingselskaper in the Nordic country, United was forced to somehow deal with Solskjaer, as it was starting to seriously hinder new partnership opportunities. The odds were too high. But the arrival of Bruno Fernandes was a turning point for the team. At least it seems so because after his transfer Manchester United simply became a different team. Of course, the credit should also be given to Solskjaer who changed the team’s tactics. Most probably he will remain in charge considering the fact Man United will play in the Champions League next season.

It was disappointing for Manchester United to lose against Chelsea, but records are meant to be broken sometimes. There is always the reason for joy which is the same record, for example. And secondly, it’s Solskjaer’s fault as well. During the first half, his guys managed to produce only two shots on the goal, of which only one was directed directly at goal. However, there is a record, and that is nice.

In Solskjaer’s comments, you can read only compliments to the great Sir Alex Ferguson. Perhaps that’s what a Norwegian coach should do. Even if he is the coach of the most popular club in England.

Record 2. De Gea is cooler than Peter Schmeichel

If anyone has forgotten, Peter Schmeichel is a charismatic goalkeeper who played for Manchester United from 1991 to 1999. During this time, the Dane turned into a legend of the club. After all, he had two significant goalkeeping records: the largest number of matches among foreigners (398 matches) and the longest series of matches without conceding a goal (112). In fact – just matches without conceded goals. Not in a row, of course, but also a strong achievement.

And then David De Gea came into the field. And in his own way, the Spaniard rewrote the history of Manchester United. The match of the 34th round of the English Premier League against Aston Villa was De Gea’s 399th for the Red Devils. This was surpassed by one of Schmeichel’s records. And the decisive match against Leicester gave De Gea 113 matches without conceding goals – so the Spaniard also beat the second record of the great Dane.

It is unlikely that most fans of Solskajer’s team will call the Spaniard great, even despite his set of records. Although, who knows.

Record 3. Manchester United – the best in the Premier League

Don’t be deceived, it’s a real record. After all, two high-profile statements on one article are too much. So, the Red Devils became the best in the number of penalties scored.

In the 2019/2020 season, the Red Devils kicked 14 times from the penalty spot. Interestingly, United’s rivals in the record match became Leicester (38th round of the Premier League; Manchester United 2-0 victory), which also set a similar record. In their championship season (2015/16), Leicester City kicked 12 times from the penalty kick: however, the record was only for the Foxes. After all, in the 2004/2005 Premier League season, Crystal Palace set a new target of 13 penalties.

And so – in 2020, another milestone of the most popular league in the world was beaten by the Red Devils. But, again even ardent supporters of the club, looking at the last record will say something in the style of “this is the United” that I once loved!” However, this does not prevent Manchester United from gradually going to new heights and new achievements. We all believe that the next season will be very interesting because a lot of teams are bolstering their squads.

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