Dramatic footage shows moment motorist is knocked out over right of way dispute- Viral Video News


SHOCKING footage captures the moment a man is knocked out after being violently kicked in the face.

The dramatic incident is believed to have taken place in Portsmouth on Friday [14 Aug] and is thought to have left the man hospitalised with a bleed on his brain.

The footage began circulating on social media on Saturday [15 Aug] with reports the victim had since been discharged.

As the clip begins, the two men are seen arguing over who has right of way in the narrow street.

They begin shouting at each other when suddenly one of the men, wearing no shirt, begins to punch and taunt the victim.

The topless man then launches a kick at the other man, who grabs his foot and twists him away.

The shirtless man regains his balance however and draws back to deliver a brutal kick to the man’s face.

The below forces the man backwards and he smashes his head on the ground with a chilling thud.

Two men confronting each other-Viral Video News
The two men furiously exchange words with each other to begin with

The topless man then tries to exit the scene but is detained by a woman who he begins tussling with to try and move her out of the way,

As the clip ends, there are calls for the emergency services with one voice bizarrely yelling: “Call 911.”

This is the moment one of the men delivers a kick to the other man| By Deadline News, Viral Video News
This is the moment one of the men delivers a kick to the other man

The violence has shocked many social media users.

@BaxtersDad90 wrote under the post: “Call 911. It just goes to show how much American culture is ingrained into the psyche of the UK.”

@Fionak09790302 said: “Some humans are absolute animals. This is horrendous.”

@brownybiglip added: “Both lives just changed forever in 10 seconds there not worth it, praying he survives this.”

@PompeyPleb commented: “He was released for hospital yesterday. He had a small bleed on the brain and a fractured skull I was told.”

Shocked crowd gathers- Viral VIdeo News
Onlookers are shocked after one f the men landed with a sickening thud

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said: “We are investigating a report of an assault in Stubbington Avenue in Portsmouth just before 4.50pm on Wednesday.

“It was reported the incident followed a dispute between two motorists.

“A 43 year-old man has been treated for injuries to his head and continues to receive hospital treatment.

“A 30-year-old man from Havant was arrested on suspicion of assault. He has been released under investigation and enquiries continue.

“Anyone with information or who saw what happened should call 101 quoting 44200306979.”