Amazon shopper makes entire bed from “gargantuan” packaging she received for pillow


HILARIOUS photos show how one Amazon shopper received so much packaging for a pillow she ordered – she was able to make a whole bed with it.

Klara Remmington from Bushey, Hertfordshire was stunned when she received the 1m tall box containing her £89 cushion, initially believing she had mistakenly over-ordered.

However, when the 42-year-old unwrapped the item on 16 August, she found the “gargantuan” box contained just a single pillow.

Photos show 5’1” Klara snuggled inside the massive box, using her newly delivered pillow for support.

Amazon customer makes makeshift bed from massive parcel after order
Amazon customer makes makeshift bed from massive parcel after order

Another shows the pillow being absolutely dwarfed by the huge box it arrived in as Klara lines them up for comparison.

And finally, one image shows the makeshift “bed” filled with reams of paper, presumably added to “protect” the pillow.

A “baffled” Klara took to social media to complain to Amazon on Wednesday [19 Aug], writing: “I recently ordered a pillow, a standard sized pillow for a standard human head. Picture it now.

“What sort of box might such an item come in?

Amazon customer makes makeshift bed from massive parcel after order
The massive parcel was so big Klara decided to turn it into a bed

It is my humble belief that such an item need not be delicately wrapped nor overly protected during transit. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that a box just slightly bigger than the pillow itself might suffice.

“Hence I was a little confused when a gargantuan box bigger than myself (causing my husband to exclaim;’”how many pillows did you order?’) arrived at my door.

“I was momentarily concerned that I had accidentally had a finger stutter when ordering and requested 11 pillows instead of 1.

“But no, only one pillow was at the marrow of the brown, smiley arrowed colossus before me, swathed in a tan blanket of papery preservation.

“Were you concerned at Amazon distribution that the pillow might break?

Amazon customer makes makeshift bed from massive parcel after order
Klara Remmington pictured

“I am an ecologically minded person, so the mammoth cardboard coffer was duly broken down and relegated to our recycling bin.”

Her thoughts have been echoed by social media users equally fed up with excess packaging.

Vera Joyce wrote: “Expertly put Klara, good for you. Brilliantly worded.”

Amanda Mitchell added: “Omg how mad is that.”

And Catherine Baldwin said Klara’s post was “brilliantly put”.

Speaking today, lollipop lady Klara said: “I was worried at first that I’d accidentally ordered more than one and that my credit card was now maxed out.

I just thought how ridiculous and what a waste of packaging. Environmentally speaking it’s not very friendly.

“And that worries me as we as a society, move more towards getting our shopping delivered through the post.

“All that packaging is going to add up.”

An Amazon spokeswoman said: “At Amazon, we’re constantly working to eliminate waste across our retail operations, for our business and for our customers.

“Since 2015, our sustainable packaging initiatives have eliminated more than 880,000 tonnes of packaging materials, the equivalent of 1.5 billion shipping boxes.”