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Trekking in Nepal in October

People looking for trekking holidays in the Himalayas
People looking for trekking holidays in the Himalayas. Photo by Sebastian Pena on Unsplash


Trekking Nepal Himalaya in October during the middle of autumn/fall season of the year, one of the best times. Where one can enjoy superb views of Himalayan peaks in the comfort of the nice local lodge or on walks.

Trekking around Nepal Himalaya in October, where one marvels at excellent landscape scenery against clear blue sky with bright starry nights. Nepal with four-season spring, (March to May), summer (June to August) autumn (September to November) and winter (December to February).

Compared to other seasons, generally October is the most favorable month of the post-monsoon wet season and the start of pre-winter times. Where days are fine and clear from morning till late afternoon, although it gets dark soon due autumn/fall.

In early October, the hills are covered with lush vegetation and lined with green tall Rhododendrons, pines and fir trees.

Thus, from mid to late October most trees change the color from golden to maroon and start losing the leaves. As a result of autumn/fall and beginning of pre-winter, but days are fine with crystal clear blue sky.

However, one can expect a cold morning and in late afternoon, but clear nights to enjoy views of bright stars.|

Trekking in Nepal Himalaya during October truly is the best month around all Himalaya besides marvelous Nepal destination for charming scenery.

As well for pleasant scenic walks in the backdrop of clear mountain views with dramatic landscapes of rolling hills. Includes deep valleys, towering peaks throughout trekking, then relive the day in the comfort of a nice cozy lodge.

October, one of the best time with a colorful festival around Nepal Himalaya:

Nepal Himalaya in October, will be a trekker’s paradise for all types of visitors seeking perfect wilderness. As well to discover and explore the colorful culture of age-old heritage villages that awaits you, around the scenic high enjoyable adventures in and around Nepal Himalaya. Where days are sunny and clear for fantastic views of snow peaks, as well for scenic, pleasant walks.

It is also a time of great festivals in Nepal, where visitors will have the opportunity to observe religious ceremonies. During October month various events take place which makes the trek more interesting, as Nepal with two main religions.

Trekkers will witness both Hindu and Buddhism culture that blends well together with temples and monasteries next to each other. The lower and mid-hills with the majority of Hindu followers, as the walk takes you further higher towards high hills and mountains.

Where you will enter into the spectacular country of Buddhism religion, as the walk takes you clockwise around rows of prayer monuments. A sign of respect to the local religion, walking the right direction on encountering prayer walls, and long series of spinning wheels.

In October as per Hindu calendar a great Nepalese festival called ‘Dashera or Dashain takes place, the event of victory over evils. This festival is celebrated in all parts of Nepal, from low warm areas to mid-hills that last for ten full days.

Some regions of high Nepal Himalaya, one can also witness a Buddhist festival in October, for instance. Around the Khumbu region of Everest at the Tengboche monastery, a colorful and impressive festival called ‘Mani Rimdu’ happens in October. As per the Buddhist Lunar calendar, an event where monks, priests wear

masks and dance to wade off the evil spirits.

October best time around autumn/fall to enjoy scenic treks around Himalaya: 

Besides religious festivals that take place in October, make the trek even more enjoyable and exciting.

The month of October, a nice perfect time of autumn/fall, thereby trekkers can start planning for various Himalayan destinations. A popular month in October, thousands of trekkers and adventurers visit Nepal Himalaya for short moderate walks to longer adventurous trekking.

During this time of the year, the weather is fine and stable, not too hot or much cold, but mild and pleasant. A perfect climate to enjoy all kinds of adventure around Nepal Himalaya, including peak climbing and high altitude walks.

In comparison to other seasons for instance spring, summer, winter, autumn times in October much preferred month of the year.

Generally by all adventurers and trekkers, hence encountering the main flow of visitors on busy popular areas of Nepal Himalaya. For short moderate treks in Nepal Himalaya where all can join in nearly months of the year.

But for high altitude adventure that involves crossing above 5,000 meters pass, the best chosen month is September and October.

A perfect and safe time for high altitude adventure where weather is much predictable, compared to other months and seasons.

Lastly, you might like to know why October is the best month for the trek around Himalaya and in Nepal. For several reasons, where most days are fine and clear for glorious views and walks. Where the weather is at its best but with cooler morning and night time, but day time with perfect temperatures.

In Conclusion regarding October as the best time for trekking in Nepal Himalaya:

Nepal, an exciting holiday destination for all types of adventure and outdoor activities, the country offers more than one expects. However choosing and planning the right time of the year, will be more enjoyable and interesting along with weather-wise.

Furthermore, why October is the best month for trekking around Nepal Himalaya, usually all holidaymakers plan a vacation on the right season. Although Nepal does have another good season all year round, depending upon the grade of treks and duration.

Likewise March to May in spring another best time, for treks around Nepal, but weather can be unpredictable sometimes. Where heavy rain clouds can accumulate in late afternoon time that obstructs wonderful views of the surrounding mountain range.

Choosing October for treks around Nepal Himalaya can be a wise decision which is also a peak time for tourism. As weather plays an important role in planning your holiday, no matter how busy the main season of autumn is? But still, October is a more favorable month among a large number of travelers for treks and other adventures in Nepal Himalaya. 

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