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Is It Worth to Bundle Your House and Car Insurance Policy?


Insurance companies, like any company, aim to grab as much of your market as they can, for as long as they can. With that in mind, when you sign up for several plans many give discounts.

Buying your policies from the same provider will be a simple and efficient way to save money on your premiums while you’re on the lookout for car and house insurance. Here’s how the “bundling” insurance plan works, and how to determine if it’s the best option for you.

Bundling makes plans easier

Bundling makes handling plans easier, eliminates paperwork, saves you hours struggling to recall contact details and passwords, and reduces the annoyance of having to deal with multiple policies with different insurance providers.

This also decreases the amount of time you can waste talking to an insurer to alter or incorporate to homeowners or auto insurance plans. When the company understands who you are and is aware of your finances and family condition, whether you choose to add certain forms of policies or add references on a mortgage or auto insurance package it will be a smooth method.

Bundling helps save money

You get a good advantage by merging your home and car insurance into one insurance provider. Often called a multi-policy or partner discount, bundling typically saves consumers on their insurance rates from 15-20% everywhere. When you are looking for cost options, bundling may be the way to go too.

This technique is not obvious right off the bat but it pays off during a single incident or extenuating situation, like a tree crashing into your driveway and smashing your car. Without bundling you would have to file separate claims with separate insurers for the same event and pay different deductibles.

Is it worth bundling your home and car insurance together
Is it worth bundling your home and car insurance together. Photo by Stefan Rodriguez

Package ranges 

Insurers also offer exclusive package ranges or more complicated packages, should you want to incorporate all the policies. This is normal for insurers to provide one insurance plan if you have a vehicle, house, rental property, yacht, and RV because most auto and house insurers are not experienced in certain categories of personal property insurance.

Similar product types can be helpful because they cut expenses, restrict you to one bill, and you can get to pay only one premium on all the coverage.

How to bundle your auto and house insurance plans effectively

At the beginning of the policy approval process, there is always the opportunity to bundle the car and house insurance plans. Usually, the agent would ask you if you would like to cover some other form of property.

When you already have a car or house policy for another company but want to move to a single provider to complete a package, be sure to follow the correct protocol and be sure you don’t have to pay cancelation penalties or service lapses. According to a survey by insurance, by bundling these two items, the average customer saves 16.1 percent on their policy.

Tips on Bundling Effectively

  • Compare deals online or with an agent for packaged plans made by several insurers. An independent insurance agent may obtain prices from multiple firms. Agents who sell exclusively with one business will only provide discounts for the insurer.

  • Check why a third party insurance provider is being used by the insurer on any scheme. Although you can also save money, you’ll lose flexibility because you no longer have to deal with one insurance provider.

  • Check quotes regularly — both separate and bundled — and compare them to the quality of the combined home and car policies.

When bundling isn’t the right option

There are also some main drawbacks and unique cases on all of the incentives of home and car insurance bundling where it might not be in the best interest. Sticking to one insurer will also trigger tunnel vision and lead you to lose out on exclusive offers and other insurance providers’ offers/deals. These instances include;

When you drive a high-end vehicle

With sky-high prices of fixing high-end cars, regular car insurance providers can either charge exorbitantly high premiums or decline to cover it entirely.

If it keeps you from comparing policies

Bundling car and home insurance policies under one insurance provider could make you complacent and lead you to skip higher coverage options and overall coverage. While brand loyalty is fantastic and an indicator the insurer is doing their job, it may also drive the insured to focus their policy choices on what’s convenient rather than financially reasonable and realistic.

Choosing an insurance agent and bundled insurance is not a marriage; it is a contractual arrangement, where the only things that matter are the services you get and the rates you are paying — and there’s nothing that suggests you must work it out with the insurance company if the relationship doesn’t work for you.

Trust your instincts at the end of the day. Is this the right option regardless of the discounts? Knowing the boundaries, researching the choices, and partnering with the best insurer is crucial to determining if the bundling policies are worth benefits.

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