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Kratom Strains-Kratom strain: the herbal magical product of mother nature


Kratom trees normally produce powerful leaves which have been used for centuries by many communities in Southeast Asia. The tree generally grows in tropical areas. This is called a magical natural harb in few communities. Kratom usually originates from Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia, Malaysia etc. Kratom has been very popular in many countries. As people are describing its magical property towards body and mind, the popularity is increasing day by day. It is also known as Mitragyna speciosa. Many people find that it helps them with energy, pain, anxiety and depression.

However, Many doctors have warned people about consuming Kratom, as it can be harmful for your body. In 2016, the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) had proposed to ban Kratom on a federal level. But the ban has been postponed as few of the people proposed to provide scientists more time to examine and study Kratom. Kratom is mainly ingested in form of powder or capsules or like a cigar, gum and extracts. Although in some cases the leaves have been eaten fresh or brewed and consumed like tea.

The benefits from natural medicine such as Kraton Strains
The benefits from natural medicine such as Kraton Strains. Photo by Iranagram

Kratom has various kinds. Kratom Strains-Kratom strain means the various kinds of Kratom are found. Primarily there are 3 main categories in Kratom, which are Red Kratom strain, White Kratom Strain and Green Kratom Strain. They all are enriched with different properties and different substances, such as:

  • Bali- it is ideal for pain relief and boost energy. It helps to achieve an energy boost along with maintaining calmness in the body.

  • Maeng da- it has a stimulating pain-killer effect. It has the pain relief properties of a red strain. It has alkaloid properties, which boosts the energy level.

  • Red vein kali- it has a sedative effect. Apart from that it also helps with relaxation and pain relief.

  • Red vein thai- it is similar to Bali but has more Red strain effects.

  • Green indo- it gives an elevating feeling while balancing the pain. It consists of the combination of alkaloids creates a long lasting milder effect with an energy boosting quality.

  • Green maeng da- this is a very effective pain relief product. It also has a strong boost of energy and elevation.

  • White bali- this provides pain relief, relaxation and energy. It also helps to focus on things.

  • White Kapuas- this strain provides mild relaxing with balancing energy. It can keep you focused on things and also delivers motivation towards work.

  • Super indo- the strain is completely similar to bali but has less euphoria.

  • Super green malaysian- it is known for its unique capability of pain relief property with the red strain which provides energy boosting. It has a longer lasting effect than any other strain.

Except from these there are many other strains available in the market. Taking Kratom frequently in a low dose is not harmful. But consumed everyday with a high dose can leave you addicted to the product and also generate a lot of health issues. Which can seriously cause permanent damage to your body. Except from that it can also make you sleepy or hallucinating things.

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