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Why MIGOTRADE Is One Of The Top Online Trading Brokers


With the current Pandemic situation at hand and the damage it has caused to the entire world’s economy, many companies, industries and corporations have either shut down or have laid off many of their employees resulting in mass unemployment. In this dark hour, a lot of people who lost their jobs to this downfall are resorting to the online trading platform to make it their primary source of income, which has resulted in the creation of many brokerages aiming to cater as many investors as possible.

What Role does MIGOTRADE has to Play

With such high influx of investors moving to online trades and new brokerages coming into being, the level/standard of service provided by trading brokerages has dropped so much that people have started reconsidering moving to online trading platform let alone to invest in any of the assets. Many brokerages have started focusing in onboarding as many investors as possible to get more investments from the investors that they end up losing in most of the cases. This has given birth to discontent among many new investors and has hampered the reputation of online trading as a whole.

This is where MIGOTRADE has come out to retain the lost reputation that customer orientated and standard brokerages used to have back in the days. Unlike the below standard brokerages, MIGOTRADE focuses on providing customers with the most respectful, user-friendly and a learning environment, with aims to groom and polish the skills of new & experienced traders, helping them to make their business decisions without being independent on any one.

What Accounts does MIGOTRADE has to Offer their Investors

In the course of years since its launch, MIGOTRADE has spent its analytical strength in order to calibrate the needs of their clients and has come up with the following account types that suite their trading capabilities and serve them in the most efficient and constructive manner.

The very first account type in this list is “Bronze”, which is highly recommended for the beginner level investors giving them access to online financial courses and one-on-one training sessions. Having a Bronze account allows the investors to choose from assets such as Forex, Indices & Stocks that they can trade with 0.01 trade sizes with $15 per lot for US & ASIA equities.

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The second account type in the list is “Gold”, which is suitable to investors who have gained somewhat experience in the online trades and are now ready to take it up a notch. Trading through the gold account allows investors access to the online financial courses and one-on-one training sessions. Investors. When it comes to trading assets (products), investors get to choose from options such as Forex, Indices, Stocks, Commodities and Crypto-currencies with 0.1 trading sizes with $13 per lot for US & ASIA equities. Having a gold account also gives investors access to the e-books written by trading experts and analysts.

The third account type in the list is “Platinum”, which gives opportunity to much experienced investors to try their luck at higher stakes and enjoy hefty turnarounds. The investors get to benefit from the online financial courses, one-on-one training sessions and most of all, trading assistance/guidance from an account analyst who is assigned to your profile with aims to increase your chances of learning as well as profit making.

Owning a platinum account allows Investors also get to take part in the weekly/monthly webinars held for the sole purpose of providing exposure to fellow investors and providing them a platform where they can interact with each other and share their trading experiences so others can learn from each other’s good and bad trading experiences. Trading through platinum account enables the investors to trade in all of the assets such as Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices and Crypto-currencies currently offered by MIGOTRADE with 0.2 trade size with $11 per lot for US & ASIA equities.

The forth and the last account type in the list currently being offered by MIGOTRADE is “Diamond”. This account type is highly recommended for hardcore investors who wish to go all out while investing and are eager to earn the highest amount of profits. The diamond account holders at MIGOTRADE have full access to the online financial courses and one-on-one training sessions to polish their trading skills further. They have free access to the VPS service and can get assistance from account analyst managers whenever they hit a block and need support to get out of the situation.

At MIGOTRADING, investors have the option to go through the weekly/monthly webinars where they can interact with each other and learn from each other’s mistakes as well as good experiences. Trading through MIGOTRADE allows the investors to trade through all of the products such as Stocks, Forex, Indices, Commodities and Crypto-currency with $9 per lot with US & ASIA equities.

No matter the type of account, investors can always contact the customer support that is available 24×7 to assist them or raise their enquiries at any given time.

Variety of Products Offered by MIGOTRADE

Out of all of the trading assets offered by MIGOTRADE, “Forex” trading is currently the most popular and profitable asset out of all as the transaction volume currently flowing through the forex markets is around $5 trillion per day. The reason behind Forex’s success is that it refers to the buying and selling of foreign currencies in the form of pairs that are highly volatile and the liquid trade in the trading industry, due to which majority of the investors are attracted towards this product.

In Forex trading, the most popular currency pair to trade with is USD/EUR and the popularity of this pair can be measured by the weightage this pair holds in the overall forex market, which is 50% of the entire forex transactions processed per day.

Next in line is “Stocks” that refers to the assets that a company advertises publicly for sale with aims to generate revenue and capitals for their corporations, which is then brought to use to fulfill/execute their research development programs and to expand their coverage areas. This business tactic is adapted by companies such as apple, google, uber etc. to stay ahead of their competitors in their fields of expertise.

In stock trading, investors can buy shares offered by companies, keep them in their possession until the prices/values of the stocks mature, and then sell them to earn profits against the price difference from point of purchase to the point of sale.

“Indices” are somewhat related to stocks but instead of one company, indices consist of a collection of companies operating from a certain country or a region. In indices trading, investors are required to keep a track of the collective asset value of the index of their interest and predict its asset value at a certain time without buying the assets. If the assets’ value meets or exceeds the predicted price of the assets, the investors get the profit out of the price difference.

Although, there are hundreds of indices available in the trading market, few of the most prominent indices are S&P 500 Index, Dow Jones Industrial Average, FTSE 100 Index & Nikkei 225.

Coming from the natural sources “Commodities” refer to products that are either produced on the surface of the earth or extracted/mined from the earth’s core in the form of metals, minerals or crude oil. In the real-time markets, this asset was only tradable by companies and corporations, who used to buy commodities in bulks. However, internet trading has made it possible for a common internet user to invest in commodities and earn profits through sale and purchase.

At present, the most popular commodities traded through this market are gold and crude oil whose price and value seem to be stable no matter the crisis or dips that are being faced by the global economy.

Out of all of the online trades, Crypto-currency is the most recent and feasible type of asset that any online investor/trader can use to make profits. Crypto-currency exists as a decentralized entity, which is not regulated by any regulatory or central authority. The transactions in the crypto-currency trading take place between two operating systems that are located anywhere in the entire globe. This feature alone makes crypto-currency one of the most secure and efficient mode of trading in the history of online trading.

The first “Crypto-currency” was introduced and commercialized in the year 2009, and since then, the crypto trading industry has seen rise and a dip in its overall value and demand, making it one of the most volatile entities in the market. However, the overall trend of crypto trading has seen an upward trend in its growth.

One of the benefits of crypto-trading is that it can be acquired either through purchase via an online crypto exchange or it can be mined for free through a mining program, which is available for investors to download and run for free no matter the crypto they are interested in mining. At present, the most popular cryptos to trade in are bitcoine, ethereum, litecoin etc.

Which Trading Platforms does MIGOTRADE Support?

In order to stay ahead of other trading brokerages in providing the best service to their investors, MIGOTRADE has acquired one of the most efficient trading platforms known as SIRIX. With SIRIX, investors have access to all of the features and tools that any other trading platform wishes to surpass. The reason why SIRIX sets itself apart from other trading platforms is it’s user-friendly, intuitive and easy to understand interface, which is equipped with one-click execution options and top-notch trading tools. Furthermore, SIRIX provides investors the visibility of latest trading news, historical trading data, graphs and charts and the most prominent feature known as “Algorithmic Trading”.

Education System Powered by MIGOTRADE

For MIGOTRADE, the first approach is to make investors aware of the latest market trends, help them understand the way trades are executed and help them in finding solutions no matter it’s a minor issue or a major one. With the learnings and educational content shared by MIGOTRADE, it is ensured that people grow a habit of learning and their morale always stay high.

What Sets MIGOTRADE apart from other Brokerages?

While the majority of the online brokerages target investors to invest more and more of their hard earned savings and money, MIGOTRADE aims to provide their investors with one-on-one coaching sessions, webinars, personal account analysts, online financial courses and most of all, 24×7 support coverage so the investors never feel left out at any moment. The reason behind this is to ensure that the investors are able to trade in the safest and most competitive environment that not only helps them learn fast but also creates leadership skills in them.

Why does MIGOTRADE Offer 24/7 Real-Time Support?

It is true that MIGOTRADE has managed to offer their investors with all the possible tools that can help them along their trading journey, however, it is extremely important that investors have a reliable team that can listen to their issues/queries no matter the time and find solutions to their problems. This is why MIGOTRADE has put together a team of experts, who are highly experienced in providing the best customer support and escalate their queries over to the relevant departments if it is out of their scope.

On top of this, this team of highly skilled individuals has also gone through basic training in online trading, which makes them somewhat knowledgeable around basic trades. This helps them understand the customer’s problems with a wider scope so they can provide them timely assistance.

No Matter the Choice, Choose it Wisely

To people who are yet to set foot into the online trading market, it may sound reassuring when there is a brokerage like MIGOTRADE, claiming to provide high-end service to their investors. However, if you ask any experienced trader, they will tell you that in trading, the risk of losing everything is always there and at times, people do end up losing their investments. At this point, most of the people lose patience and withdraw whatever they have remaining in their accounts, not knowing that the next moment; they would have made themselves huge fortunes and profits.

Therefore, if you believe that you are not patient enough to survive a loss then it is better not to set foot in online trading.

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