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Meet M Hoody: The First Masked Rapper in the Middle East

  • International Artist, what are some of the biggest obstacles you have crossing over to American Hip Hop? How do you overcome those obstacles?

Developing my art here in the US was somewhat difficult at times due to the language barrier, however, I was lucky because I have come across very talented people that helped me a lot in my career as an artist. First I would like to thank God for everything, thank my family for all of their support and I would like to thank all my fans, the old ones and the new ones for all of their continued support and loyalty. I would like to thank my sound engineer Mr. Wasted, my producer Micheal Dodson, Mike Chamo and Alex Kafkas.

  • Who was your favorite Music Artist growing up and who inspired you?

My favorite rapper growing up was 50 Cent. Back in 5th grade I used to dress in FUBU (baggy clothes) and rap “In Da Club.”

  • At what age did you decide you wanted to become a Music Artist and is this it or is there something else you want to do?

In high school, my friends were always rapping around me and I would just vibe with them. In the beginning of my Freshman year, I started rapping and releasing music professionally, while my high school friends continued rapping for fun.

  • Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?

I see myself on world tours, releasing more hit songs and hopefully nominated for big awards. It would be great to land some retail deals and secure a record label along the way with other entrepreneurial achievements.

  • How do you want people to see you? Is there a message you want to relay to your fans?

I want my fans to vibe with my music and be able to take a positive message from  it at the same time. Also, I want my audience to know that you can make good music without talking about bitches, drugs and money all the time. You don’t need to show off to get the attention. Words can be used as weapons, you must use them wisely, not just for yourself, but also for generations to come.

  • What do you prefer: vinyl or digital?

I like both because they each give different types of awareness. Both are important for me and desirable.

  • Do you have a preference in equipment?

For my appearance I always use hoodies, Sky masks and sunglasses because it’s part of my personal brand. When I’m in the studio, for sound software I like and use Pro Tools and Logic.

  • What is the biggest event you have ever performed for?

Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 Pandemic has put a halt on live performances all over the world, and at the moment, performing is still very new in the Gulf for Hip Hop music since the image of it is very not PG-13 and where I am from, society is much more conservative when it comes to music and entertainment.

  • Do you ever get nervous going in front of big crowds? How do you overcome stage fright?

Many have told me that they can’t wait until they see me perform live. My brand is unique, and any nerves or stage fright would not translate to the audience during my performances. There are endless creative ideas I can accomplish with the mask.

  • If one of your fans wanted to become a Music Artist and you were their inspiration, what advice would you give them? And how do you get started?

I would tell them to focus on the business side after releasing a hit song. Eventually, they will be able to produce a good song, quality music… but if they don’t know the business behind it, the song won’t go anywhere. There is a science to it.

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