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What should be in your daily eye care routine?


If you are wondering how to take care of your eyes on a daily basis, this article is a sure answer to a lot of your queries. As you age, your organs tend to become weaker and eyesight is no exception to the same. All you can do is take complete care of your eyes and vision on a regular basis with just little efforts and lifestyle changes. With your growing age, your eyes are more vulnerable to various infections and health conditions like – cataract, glaucoma and other eye related diseases, and therefore, we need to give special care to our eyes with our growing age.

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Listed below are some of the easy peasy tips that can help you with a good eye care routine:

  • Healthy Fruits & Vegetables

As we all know that a good healthy and balanced diet is a key to good health, and therefore, taking enough fiber and whole grains is extremely important for your eyes. These foods are enriched with vitamin E, niacin and zinc that play a vital role in keeping up with good eye health.

  • Limit Your Screen Time

With our present lifestyle, our digital time screens have crossed limits and therefore it is important for all us to understand the kind of damage your eyes can undergo during these times. Take short breaks and close your eyes for sometime. Monitor properly and regulate your daily screen time.

  • Wear Protective Eye Gears

If you are having trouble reading and using high power lenses, make sure you are wearing high quality protective eyewears and glasses. Whether you are playing, reading, working on the laptop or just cooking, make sure you are wearing high quality glasses and lenses.

  • Take A Eye Drop, As Prescribed

Ask your doctor for some good eye drops that help keep your eyes lubricated and there are less chances for you to develop cataracts and other eye diseases.

  • Frequent Eye Tests

Go for frequent eye tests as it will help you know about your current eye health. It will help your opthamologist diagnose any eye disease and conditions like myopia and cataract in its initial stage and help you cure it at the earliest.

  • Proper Eye Hygiene

Maintaining good eye hygiene is of utmost importance. All those wearing contact lenses should always remove it before sleeping and rinse your eyes with water. Do not sleep with the lenses in your eyes, even if it is written to be safe.

  • Adequate Sleep

Take a good amount of sleep and let your eyes relax. All those you have been binge watching on Netflix have complained of eye pain and irritation the very next day. A good man’s sleep can do all wonders for good eye health.

  • Take Fish Oils & Omegas

Omega – 3 fatty acids and fish oil tablets should make for an everyday part of your diet. It prevents eye dryness, degeneration and cataract. Look out for the best omega 3 fish oil tablets in the market and see the magic happen in just a few days. Omega 3 fish oil tablets help in keeping your heart and vision healthy.

Well, these are a few points that will surely help you keep up with your daily eye care routine. We are sure this article will help you out with all the ways that can keep you away from any kind of vision related problems.

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