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Incredible Football And Dental Skills – Say Hello To Dr. Ali AlSaqoby!


Dr. Ali AlSaqoby Is A Dentist With Incredible Moves!

The sport of Football Freestyle can be known as creating mind boggling moves using
different parts of the body in a creative manner!

Inspiring stories are meant to be shared and of course every sport has its own legends
and pioneers to take inspiration from. A good example in this case, is the talented
young dentist; Dr. Ali AlSaqoby: An iconic athlete for the sport,that managed to amaze
the world with his skills in football freestyle.

To successfully create a big name for himself, also as a big social media influencer, skillful dentist and most importantly a sport developer! He is one of the very first founders of the sport in the Middle-east back in 2004,as a prominent young footballer, with a bright future ahead.

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

His continuous achievements since then, as a rising young star, made him become one
of the most demanded athletes in the region, to have a golden opportunity in performing
worldwide, including the world largest Expo held in Milan,that generated huge success
with a tremendous media payoff according to the news surrounding the event and also,
confirmed by receiving an award from the head of delegation as being one of the most
influential individuals at this world class event!

Well deserved given the incredible number of people gathered to watch his fantastic performance!

His achievements took the form of also competing in world championships to be able to use this opportunity to come out with successfully passing the World championships
qualifiers! Dr. Ali AlSaqoby also invented new moves that was named after him! Such
as “AlSaqoby move” and “A.Y.S block trick”. Find him and see for yourself!

Reviving The sports By Organizing Tournaments In COVID-19 As A Freestyle President!

With the current Pandemic situation of COVID-19 affecting the world to have rules of
social distancing and its associated anti-gathering guidelines. This of course had
restricted the activities worldwide including sports. Leading to the cancellation of most
live tournament events.Particularly, the events that gathers large crowds!

However, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby being a dedicated person in charge of the sport did not have
this! and took matters to his own hands!

He was determined to follow up on the success he made in organizing and judging the official RedbullStreetStyle national world qualifier in Kuwait last year, in which was a spectacular event that contained a respectable number of spectators.

To currently create virtual online championships, in which they were an absolute success
according to the news. Managing to keep the players safe at the comfort of their own
home, yet keeping them close with their football moves, is something worth the admire.

Undoubtedly this is “the best way to get the players motivated” as he stated in a
previous news press release. “Existing players getting increasingly motivated and new
players entering the sport is my main aim” he said further. This all comes nicely with his
goal of being an example of good influence, as he preaches also, self-development
tactics in his social media.

A Scholarship Student That graduated From A UK Dental School.

Fun Fact: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is a UK graduate, and was a sponsored scholarship
student due to his high academic and sports achievements. He obtained his Masters
of dental surgery degree from the University of Leeds with great success. During his
studies he managed to gain the prestigious title of the Second most talented dental
student in the UK award.

He took advantage of his stay as a former dental student to perform for the purpose of raising money for different charity organizations here in the UK. Talking about using
your skills for a good cause!

Don’t miss joining his large following at @dr.alials in Instagram and even larger in snapchat: dr.alials

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