Every PlayStation Owner Needs PSN


GiftCardBasket Explains Why PSN is Very Important to PS Gamers

PlayStation consoles are some of the most popular gaming platforms in the world. PS consoles are designed to give gamers the best visual and audio gaming experience while playing their favorite titles with friends at home. However, if you want to play online and enjoy every game the way it’s meant to be played, you need access to the PlayStation Network.

This multiplayer feature enables connectivity and personalization features that will make every game even better. Keep reading, and GiftCardBasket will give you more details about how the PSN works and why it’s important for every PS owner.

A PS4 controller
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What Is PSN?

Put in simple terms, the PlayStation Network is an online community where PS players get to communicate with each other. It allows players to log into their personal accounts, find other players to team up with, share ideas and thoughts, surf the internet, and so on.

It basically turns your PS console into an online computer that makes every game more enjoyable. Most PS titles are designed for multiplayer gaming, and that’s impossible without getting a PSN subscription.

PSN Features In Detail

Other than meeting new friends to play your favorite games with, PSN has plenty of other uses as well. Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the features that make PSN a must-have for all PS gamers.

1. Custom Account

The first thing you’ll do when you become a member of the network is to create your gaming profile. The entire platform works similarly to a social network, but with the emphasis on gaming. Players that run into you in-game will be able to check your profiles, see what trophies you’ve won, and compare their stats with yours.

You can access your profile through a mobile app at any time, in case you want to brag about your accomplishments to friends and family members.

2. Dashboard Menu

You can use your PS console for many other things than gaming. That includes watching TV shows of Netflix, getting your daily dose of YouTube videos, chatting with friends, and communicating with the community. You can also visit the PlayStation store to stock up on new games and unique themes. The GiftCardBasket has a few sweet deals on PSN gift cards, so make sure you check those out.

3. Stream Your Games

If you’re a serious gamer, you can set up a Twitch account using your PS console in no time. PS4 supports the most popular streaming services, so you can become a streamer if you want. If you’re a sports fan, you can also download the NBA, MLB, and NFL services and enjoy watching matches live. With the GiftCardBasket Netflix gift card, you can also get discounts on the monthly membership.

4. Share Your Best Moments With Friends

The DualShock 4 controller has a button that allows you to capture the best in-game moments, and the PSN gives you the perfect platform to share those moments with friends. There are dozens of shared options and settings you can play with, and apart from sharing in-game moments, you can also share your favorite songs and your thoughts.

5. Coop Gaming

Many games have a coop mode that allows you to play through the entire story with up to three friends. Some titles are even designed exclusively for coop gaming. You can either play with friends or with randoms, which is rarely fun since most randoms are complete newbies. The CrossPlay feature allows you to play games with people who own a PS3, PSP, or PSVita.

6. Access to Exclusive Tournaments

The PSN multiplayer community often hosts special tournaments and events that put the best players against each other. The winners get valuable rewards and year-long bragging rights. Moreover, you can organize your own virtual tournaments with friends. That allows you to turn a boring Sunday afternoon into an exciting tournament with friends.

If some of your friends don’t have the game you want to play, tell them about GiftCardBasket or simply buy them a PSN gift card so they can purchase the game and start playing today.

7. VR Compatibility and Hundreds of Free Games

VR is the next big thing in gaming, and PSN users are among the first gamers that get to enjoy it. There are over 100 VR titles available on PSN for you to try. So, if you own a VR set, and if you want to have some fun at a home party, getting a subscription is a must! You can also get GiftCardBasket gift cards for special discounts in the PlayStation store.

The Bottom Line

Sure, having a PlayStation console at home is fun, but it’s nothing compared to the features you get by subscribing to the PS network. The monthly subscription doesn’t have to be so expensive if you get a few gift cards from GiftCardBasket. Try the network for a month, and you will never go back to how things were.



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